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Work Done by Gravity

Consider a block of mass m which slides down a smooth inclined plane of angle qas shown in figure. Let us assume the coordinate axes as shown in the figure, to specify the components of the two vectors - although the value of work will not depend on the orientation of the axes.

work done by gravity
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Now, the force of gravity, f denote forceg = -mg vector j 
and the displacement is given by
s denote distance = Dxvecor i + Dyvector j + Dz vector k

The work done by gravity is
Wg = Forcesg. distance = -mg Work Done by Gravity Image 15.(DxWork Done by Gravity Image 16 + DyWork Done by Gravity Image 17 + DzWork Done by Gravity Image 18)

or Wg = -mgDy (Work Done by Gravity Image 19Work Done by Gravity Image 20.Work Done by Gravity Image 21= 0, Work Done by Gravity Image 22.Work Done by Gravity Image 23= 1,Work Done by Gravity Image 24.Work Done by Gravity Image 25= 0)

Since Dy = yf - yi = -h
\ Wg = -mg(yf - yi) = +mgh

If the block moves in the upward direction, then the work done by gravity is negative and is given by
Wg = -mgh

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