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The work W done by a constant force F when its point of application undergoes a displacement s is defined to be
W = F s cos q
work image

where qis the angle between F denoted forceand s denote distanceas indicated in figure. Only the component of F denoted force along s, that is, F cos q, contributes to the work done. Strictly speaking, the work is done by the source or agent that applies the force. Work is a scalar quantity and its SI unit is the joule (J).

Work is also defined as the dot product of force and its displacement as given by equation
W = Work formula

In terms of rectangular components, the two vectors are F denote Force = Fxvector i + Fy vector j + Fz vector k and
s denote distance= Dxvector i + Dyvector j + Dzvector k;

hence, the definition of work may be written as
W = Fx Dx + Fy Dy + Fz Dz

The work done by a given force on a body depends only on the force, the displacement, and the angle between them. It does not depend on the velocity or the acceleration of the body, or on the presence of other forces.

Since the work is a scalar, its value also does not depend on the orientation of the coordinate axes. Since the magnitude of a displacement in a given time interval depends on the velocity of the frame of reference used to measure the displacement, the calculated work also depends on the reference frame.

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