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5.5. The Decision-Making Process (DMP)

Buyers who face a new-task buying situation are likely to adopt a formal decision-making process (DMP), which may involve up to eight separate stages. Purchases that are modified or straight re-buys may skip some of these stages. Following is the DMP for the typical new-task purchase. Although the DMP is shown to be a linear sequence of progressive stages, in practice the stages are rarely neatly sequential or discrete. Sometimes the stages may occur out of sequence or simultaneously, or not at all if it is a fairly straightforward re-buy. None the less, the DMP does provide a helpful guide to the distinguishing features of each of the typical buying stages.
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relationship between the composition of the DMU and the DMP. Generally, as the risk associated with the organizational purchase increases:

  • The DMU becomes more complex, with participants having more authority.
  • DMP members will have greater levels of experience and heightened motivations.
  • Suppliers with strong reputations and proven product solutions will be favoured.
  • Information searches and sources, particularly personal and non commercial communications, will be used increasingly to guide and support decisions.
  • Buyer–supplier relationships and communication networks become critical to fostering an atmosphere of co-operation and reducing perceived risk as business marketers become more involved with organizational buying procedures and customer practices in general, market segmentation can be improved, enabling the marketing mix to be tailored more specifically to the needs of distinctive customer groups.

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