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Rigid Body Rotation About A Moving Axis

Here we analysis the dynamics of rotational motion to some cases in which the axis of rotation a moves. When happens, the motion of the body is combined translation and rotation. In such situation we always consider that “Every possible motion of a rigid body can be represented as a combination of translational motion of the centre of mass and rotation about an axis through the centre of mass”. This is true even when the centre of mass accelerates, so that it is not at rest in any inertial frame. From example when a bowler throws a ball with spin, in air ball follows a parabolic trajectory as it were a point mass and during this motion the ball is also rotating about its centre of mass. The translation of the centre of mass and the rotation about the centre of mass can eb treated independently.

We are offering the following main topics for assignment like:

  1. Energy Of A Body Is Simultaneous Translation And Rotational Motion

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