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Rotational Motion

When a solid body moves such that all the points of the body moves with same velocity, it is called pure translational motion.

A simple example is motion of class table and bench when we pull it.

Rotational Motion Assignment Help

When a body moves about a fixed line (called axis) such that all of the points of the body on that line (OR axis) are at rest and all other points move in a circle about that fixed axis, it is pure rotational motion. In this type all particles moves in a circular path of different radii, subtending same angle at centre in equal time-interval. For example, rotation of door on it’s hinges, a pulley on it’s axle, or a CD on a CD player turntable. Also or earth, rotating about it’s axis once a day and about sun once a year.

When there is no point on the body which is at rest, i.e. in general every point is moving with different velocity, it is called general motion.

For example

  • Motion of a pen on a table when hit at its one end.
  • Motion of a swinging cricket ball.

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For such motion, we divide the general motion into these two parts and deal them separately as a combination of pure translational motion and pure rotational motion.

We are offering the following main topics for assignment like:

  1. Rotational Motion
  2. Moment Of Inertia
  3. Torque
  4. Rigid Body Rotation About A Moving Axis

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