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Rest And Motion Assignment Help

An object is said to be in motion if its position changes with respect to its surroundings with time. On the other hand, if the position of the object does not change with respect to its surroundings, it is said to be at rest. It is a system which explained about set of coordinates which are attached reference which is explain by observe.

Example of rest and motion

For an example, lets take train and passenger positions, passenger is standing on platform observer some objects is at rest and when he is in train and passing through station, then he observed that objects are also in motion. In both cases passenger was right but as we see that observation is different because in first case passenger stands on platform and here platform is frame of references in rest condition and in another case passenger is moving with train which show frame of reference in motion.

Type of motion:

  • One dimensional: in this type of motion, body moves in straight line it means one coordinate of position of object varying called one dimensional. Like when body is freely falling.
  • Two dimensional: When any objects is moving in plan called two dimensional motion and in this motion two coordinates ill keeps varying.
  • Three dimensional: If any body is moving in space called then this motion is called three dimensional motion for an example flying bee.
rest and motion Assignment Help

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