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Kinematics Assignment Help

Kinematics is that branch of mechanics, which describes the motion of bodies without reference to the forces that either cause the motion or are generated as a result of the motion. Kinematics is often referred to as the ‘geometry of motion’.

Some important formulas and derivatives of kinematics:

  • v = v0 + at
  • ∆x = v0 t + ½ at 2
  • v 2 – v0 2 = 2 a ∆x
  • Vav = (v0 + v )/2
  • a = ∆v/∆t (by definition)
  • a = (v – v0 )/t

Kinematics is explained with all these important topics:

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  1. Rest And Motion
  2. Frame Of Reference
  3. Distance And Displacement
  4. Average Velocity And Average Speed
  5. Instantaneous Speed And Instantaneous Velocity
  6. Average Acceleration And Instantaneous Acceleration
  7. Motion With Constant Acceleration
  8. Graphical Analysis Of 1D Motion
  9. Relative Motion

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