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Recombinant DNA Technology

When DNA segments are piecing together and their diverse origin and placing them into a suitable vector together called recombinant DNA technology. We can say that recombinant DNA molecules is a vector such as a plasmid, phage, or virus into which the desired DNA fragment has been inserted for gaining its clone in an appropriate host, which is gained by using specific enzymes for segmenting the DNA or restriction enzymes into suitable fragments and then for joining together the appropriate ligation.

Here are some objectives of recombinant DNA molecules :

  • a) to obtain large number of copies of specific DNA fragments,
  • b) for recovery of large quantities of the protein which produced by the concerned gene,
  • c) to integrate the gene in question into the chromosome of a target organism where it expresses itself.

Cloned DNA segments which have vectors, called DNA inserts, are then introduced into a appropriate organism, basically bacterium; that organism is called the host, and the process is called transformation.

The steps concerned with transformation of a appropriate host with recombinant DNA, and the process of the transformed cells is called DNA cloning or gene cloning.

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The main topics which are considered in Recombinant DNA Technology are discussed in brief as follows:

  1. Gene Cloning
  2. Vector
  3. Chemical Synthesis Of Gene
  4. Enzymatic Synthesis Of DNA
  5. Polymerase Chain Reaction

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