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What do you mean by Primary distribution in the accounting?

Primary Distribution is basically the allocation or the appointment of the distinguished items and resources which is used as an overhead in both the service departmental services as well as the production processes. It is helmed at the suitable basis of operation. The primary distribution of resources doesn’t need to be made biased and partialiased between the different departments such as service department and the production department. The process of primary distribution involves the optimum allocation of all the overheads which are viable for a direct transfer and can be easily identified from within a specific department in an organization. It also involves the apportionment of the simple items of overheads on some timely basis out of all the service as well as the production departments.

The whole process of primary distribution is studied upon and analyzed well before doing the calculations and the round up work. It is noted down systematically in book or digital books. It is known as the perform of the overheads distribution summary or also as the primary distribution summary, in which it is being noted down. It is very important to have the sound research work before constituting the primary distribution. Noting down the direct costs of the service departments as well as the production department is very important. They are also to be considered as the overheads. As a result, the direct labor, direct expenses and the direct resource materials which constitutes the service departments of an organization, these are all included in the overheads distribution summary but all the direct labor, direct resource material and the direct expenses of the department of production are excluded from this summary note. These are excluded because these are of the overheads of the distribution.

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What do you mean by Overhead?

Overhead is basically the cost pertaining towards a specific cost unit or a accost center which may be divided into two equivalent parts, which is indirect and direct. The indirect part of the total cost which is constituting the main overhead cost is actually the aggregate of the material cost which is indirect. It is also in relation to the indirect expenses as well as the indirect wages. The CIMA has a definition for the overhead, which is, indirect cost is as similar as the expenditure on the labor, services and on the materials. They cannot be particularly identified as per a specific saleable cost of the product per single unit. The indirect costs refers to the costs incurred for the simplification of a large number of cost units or the cost centers. As seen before, these indirect costs can never be correlated with a particular cost unit or a cost center but due to its dynamic nature, it can be portioned off by the various cost units and cost centers as per the requirements. In simpler words, overhead is basically the expenditure which went over and above the expected prime cost of any good or service produced. Overhead is a vast term which comprises all of the main expenditures incurred by the business firms for the operations an also of the part of the undertaking that is the cost of operating supplies which is redeemed by the undertaking as per the needs. It is used by the undertaking for the purpose of maintaining the major capital assets. Overhead is a larger term than its sense, hence it can also be called as the indirect expenses, supplementary costs, on costs and point costs.

There are some pointers to be noted down about the primary distribution of the overheads:

  • The main basis on which the allocation and also the apportionment of the resources are conducted should be very practicable as well as equitable.
  • The charges which are being made with the different departments in direct relation with the benefits received or to be received in the future.
  • The method, basis and the processing of the apportionment and the allocation of the overheads should not be costly and time consuming as it will take a lot of resource variable of an organization or a company.
  • There are different types of bases for different types of overheads such as the: Floor area for the rent, taxes, repairs, depreciation of buildings and heating, Number of light points and the area occupied for the Lighting, Cubic content for the Heat, House power of machines or the extensive machine hours for the Power, Kilowatt hours for the Electric power and the Electric light, Number of stores requisitions or the value of material issued or the value of material stored for the Stores, Weight and volume for the Delivery expenses, Value of material costs for the carriage inwards, sales and total cost for the audit feeds, maintenance hours and the maintenance wages for the maintenance, Sales value for the Advertising and the direct wages for the sundries.

What do you mean by the absorption of Overhead?

Absorption of overhead refers to the spread over of the overheads over to the production department for a particular period of time. This is also referred as the overhead application or the overhead costing unit, burden application and burden absorption. The department of production only absorbs the overhead, when it is distributed through the secondary distribution. A very viable and suitable basis for the distribution of secondary base should be analyzed and studied, so that each product or job would get an equal share of the overheads when it will pass over with the department. Hence, the overhead absorption also involves the main apportionment of the department of production overhead which is suitable best among the units produced within the department for a particular period of time. This is measured by the overhead absorption rate which is charged to the cost unit intended for the account of the overhead at a very analyzed level of operations. It is concluded on the basis of the direct labor costs and the direct labor hours or the machine hours.

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