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Human Resource Management – Maintaining Legal compliance

Maintaining Legal compliance

HR professionals need to consider the following principles when collecting and using employee personal information in the course of all HR activities to avoid employee complaints:-

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Accountability: the organization is responsible for personal information it controls.

Identify purpose: before collecting information, the organization needs to identify why they are collecting the information and how it will be used.

Consent: the organization is responsible for ensuring that proper consent is given.

Limiting use, disclosure and retention: personal information cannot be used or disclosed to others without consent and information can only be retained to meet the status purposes.

Safeguards: security protection needs to be put in place. Implement both technical and physical security measures to safeguard employee information.

Openness: communicate privacy policies and practices

Compliance Challenges:individuals have the power to challenge what the organization does to comply with the principles. Be open to employee concerns and be willing to adapt policies and practices to ensure compliance with all aspects.

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