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General Work Procedure

  1. Know emergency procedures.
  2. Never work in the laboratory without the supervision of a teacher.
  3. Always perform the experiments or work precisely as directed by the teacher.
  4. Immediately report any spills, accidents, or injuries to a teacher.
  5. Never leave experiments while in progress.
  6. Never attempt to catch a falling object. Chemistry Assignment Help Order Now
  7. Be careful when handling hot glassware and apparatus in the laboratory. Hot glassware looks just like cold glassware.
  8. Never point the open end of a test tube containing a substance at yourself or others.
  9. Never fill a pipette using mouth suction. Always use a pipetting device.
  10. Make sure no flammable solvents are in the surrounding area when lighting a flame.
  11. Do not leave lit Bunsen burners unattended.
  12. Turn off all heating apparatus, gas valves, and water faucets when not in use.
  13. Do not remove any equipment or chemicals from the laboratory.
  14. Coats, bags, and other personal items must be stored in designated areas, not on the bench tops or in the aisle ways.
  15. Notify your teacher of any sensitivity that you may have to particular chemicals if known.
  16. Keep the floor clear of all objects (e.g., ice, small objects, spilled liquids).

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