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Culture Conflicts in Demonstrating the Value of Human Resource Development

Performance-based training is “based on precise tasks learned in sequence and tested against a criterion of competent performance”. Not only have efforts been made to integrate the concept of performance into the culture of training, but also, through a related effort, trainers have been encouraged to demonstrate that performance has actually improved as the result of a training program, which is an important part in developing the organization’s culture.

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The impact of training can be demonstrated at the department, functional and course level, and using different methods and mechanism that reflects the challenges in operationalizing the concept. One of the key challenges in doing so is terminology, as terms like quality, value, and effectiveness are used interchangeably with impact, even though some of these terms do not address impact. In proper terms, it could mean getting as many things as possible for the money spent or having a durable product or service that has long-lasting value Both are a type of impact, but not the same type, consider effectiveness, its ultimate meaning is tied up in beliefs about what constitutes effective training. That definition is unsatisfactory to others who assess the effectiveness of training as learning, financial impact, or the ability of learners to apply the lessons taught in training in their workplaces.

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