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12.9. Feedback Systems

When a discrepancy appears between the expected performance and the actual performance, the marketing manager will need to take action. This will usually take the following sequence:

  • Determine the reason for the discrepancy. Was the original plan reasonable? Have the firm's competitors seized the initiative in some way, so that the situation has changed? Is someone at fault?
  • Feed these findings back to the staff concerned. This can be in the form of a meeting to discuss the situation, or in the form of memos and reports.
  • Develop a plan for correcting the situation. This will probably involve the cooperation of all the staff concerned.
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Feedback should be both frequent and concise, and any criticisms should be constructive; managers should never (for example) go to a sales meeting and offer only criticisms since this sends the salesforce out with negative feelings about themselves and the company.

Marketing strategy and planning is much like any other planning exercise: it relies on good information, a clear idea of where the organisation is going, and regular examination of both outcomes and methods to ensure that the plan is still on target.

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