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5.5 Factors Affecting Equilibrium Constant

Representation of Equilibrium Reaction

Though equilibrium can be attained from either side, the way equilibrium is represented is important for equilibrium constant calculation.

Example : - For Factors Affecting Equilibrium Constant

equilibrium constant gas equation

while for

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Thus chemistry-assignment

Hence it is important how equilibrium is represented in equation.

Stoichiometry of Equilibrium Reaction

For reaction

Factors Affecting Equilibrium Constant gas-equation

and for

chemistry-tutoring chemistry equations

Though two equilibrium reaction are same representing change in same direction. Two equilibrium constants are not same. In fact equilibrium reactions

Thus stoichiometry equation is important

Activity Representation

Equilibrium constant value changes by the way activity of reactant/ products is represented. Equilibrium constant of concentration is not equal to equilibrium constant of pressure if numbers of moles are changing in reversible reaction.

Reaction Quotient

In a reversible reaction; concentration of Reactants and products keep on changing, till equilibrium is established. At any point of time the ratio of activity of Reactant(s)/ Product(s)

For Reaction

pressure equilibrium

Reaction Quotient where Q is Reaction Quotient

The value of reaction quotient helps to predict state of reversible reaction.

If Q > Kc then the rate of backward reaction is faster then forward reaction

If Q = Kc then the reaction is in equilibrium i.e., rate of forward reaction is equal to rate of backward reaction.

If Q < Kc then, the rate of forward reaction is greater then backward reaction.

Relation between Kc & Kp

For the process chemical equilibrium considering concentration terms only, equilibrium constant

equilibrium equation

If we consider partial presence of all species then by gas equation


equilibrium chemistry

or P = CRT

Thus PA = CART




Equilibrium constant

equilibrium constants


law of mass action

or reversible reactions

Where equilibrium constant1 = difference in no of moles of gaseous species only.
Factors Affecting Equilibrium Constant

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