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Distributed Systems

Data spread over multiple machines and Network interconnects the machines. Data shared by users on multiple machines

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  • Homogeneous distributed databases
    • Same software/schema on all sites, data may be partitioned among sites
    • Goal: provide a view of a one database, hiding info of system
  • Heterogeneous distributed databases
    • Different software/schema on various sites
    • Goal: integrate existing databases to give useful functionality
  • Differentiate between local and global transactions
    • A local transaction accesses data in the single site at which the transaction was initiated.
    • A global transaction either accesses data in a site different from the one at which the transaction was initiated or accesses data in several different sites.

Distributed System have some advantages which are:

Component Concurrency: Today concurrent program execution in computer network is basic norm. You can do your work on your computer while at same time I can also do my work on my computer. We can also shares files, and other required things. And as much as it associated with systems capacity of shared resources will increases.

No global Clock: By exchanging their messages and cooperate with each other. Any coordination such as close coordination is depends only on sharing time. But after a certain limit it turns out to the accuracy I which network computer can be synchronize their clock. It means here is no global notion of correct time. It is complications of fact which is only communication through messages.

Independent Failures: Network system or computer system can failed due to many possible reasons such as wrong connections between computers. Due to fault computers are isolated with networks but it after failure computers are still running.

Following Are The Three Types Of Database Architectures:

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