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11.11.2 Discharging of a capacitor

The figure shows a capacitor C with an initial charge Q0 connected in series with a resistor. When the switch is closed the capacitors starts discharging. If i be the instantaneous current and q be the instantaneous charge on the capacitor then, using Kirchoff's voltage law physics projects or physics problems On integrating, we have ln|q| = physics online help Physics Assignment Help

At t = 0, q = Q­o Þ K = ln|Qo|

And, the instantaneous current through the capacitor is

i = physics tutors

The current magnitude at t = 0 is dc circuit and the direction of I is opposite is that shown

in figure.

The discharging of a capacitor may be summarised as

q = Qoe-t/t

i = Ioe-t/t.

v = Voe-t/t.

where t = RC is the time constant, Q0 I0 and V0 are the initial charge, current and potential difference across the capacitor.

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Discharging Of A Capacitor

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