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Branding is the process of stamping a product with some identifying mark or name or a combination of both. It means giving a separate and unique identification to the product which will distinct it in the market.

What does Branding Do?

A branding has a lot of functions to perform. These are as follows:

  • Publicity: The most important benefit of establishing a brand is that it helps in the publicity of the product. Once the product is established under the brand, it can be easily advertised and people have a better reliability of the brand. People remember it for a long period of time.
  • Wide Market: The branding helps in the placement of the product over a large number of markets. It gets easy for a brand to explore other markets as well for their products. The larger or wider the market a brand has, the more it will be able to sell its products.
  • Distinctiveness: A brand helps in creating a separate image in front of the people. The people are able to easily differentiate between the branded products and the other products. This distinctiveness helps the business to grow all the more and increase its This helps in the easy placement of the product in the market.
  • Protection of Goods: A brand helps in the protection of the goods. Generally, the branded products are packed in suitable containers or wrappers which provide protection to the goods against heat and moisture and facilitate convenient handling.
  • Consumer Protection: The prices of branded products are fixed by the manufacturers and are printed on the packages. This protects the interest of the consumers because the retailer cannot charge more than the printed prices. The prices of the branded goods remain the same at different places over a considerable period of time.
  • Consumer Loyalty: Branding ensures a better quality at competitive prices. Branded products are available in all parts of the country at uniform prices. This tends to create brand loyalty on the part of the customers.

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What are the benefits of Branding?

  • Ensures Quality: Branding ensures a particular level of quality of the product. Thus the customer can buy branded goods with confidence about their quality.
  • Product Differentiation: Branding helps the customers in identifying the goods among other products easily due to its distinctiveness. Branding facilitates the repeat purchase of the products.
  • Psychological Satisfaction: Consumer buying differentiated brands feels satisfied not only with the physical product or service but also psychologically. Buying some branded product over which they can rely on, brings psychological satisfaction to them.
  • Easy Shopping: Branding makes shopping easier because the consumer knows what product to buy. For example, if a person wants to buy Sony Television, he can go to Sony authorized dealer and by the model of his choice.
  • Status Symbol: Some brands are advertised heavily and they create some sort of status symbol among the consumer groups.
  • Uniform Price: The branded products are always charged at a uniform price all over the areas.

How to design an effective Brand Name?

To design an effective brand name, the following points must be taken care of:

  • The name should be easily identifiable, easy to pronounce, spell and remember.
  • The name should relate to the product and should tell about its benefits.
  • It should be distinctive and not too long.
  • It should be catchy.
  • It should be capable of being registered.
  • It should not sound similar to any other brand name.
  • The brand name should have a stable life.
Branding and Packaging


Packaging involves designing and producing of container or wrapper for a product in order to prepare the goods for transport, sale and usage. There is a difference between packing and packaging. Packing refers to the covering of goods with a wrapper or putting the goods in some container; whereas packaging is a part of product planning intended to satisfy the needs of customers.

There are three levels of packaging:

  1. Primary Package: It refers to the immediate container or package of a product. It remains with the product until it I used. For example, toothpaste tube, matchbox Primary package is essential to hold the core product.
  2. Secondary Package: It is an additional package which gives additional protection to the product. Example: The card paper box package of the toothpaste tube is a secondary package.
  3. Shipping or Transport Package: The shipping package is the bulk packaging necessary to store, identify and ship the product. IT holds the secondary packages for storing and shipments. Such packaging gives protection to the secondary packaging and facilitated transportation.

Functions of Packaging:

  1. Protection of the product: The basic function of the packaging is to protect the product from any breakage or damage due to mishandling, extremes of temperature, contamination with extra elements such as dirt and chemical elements, absorption of moisture or odor, loss of liquid or vapor or any pilferage.
  2. Appeal to the customer: Package I an important marketing tool particularly for consumer products such as cosmetics, chocolates, toffees etc. A package reforms the self- selling tasks. It I often referred to as the silent seller.
  3. Easy handling: Packaged goods are very easy to handle. Handling instructions can also be mentioned on the package to ensure safe handling of the goods.
  4. Publicity to the product: Packaging gives individuality to the product and these acts as a device of publicity. Manufacturers choose attractive packaging designs so as to attract the customers to buy the product.
  5. Cost-effective: A package costs the manufacturer. The cost of the package should not alarmingly increase
  6. Preventing Adulteration: Packaging is also necessary to prevent adulteration of goods by the unscrupulous traders. For instance, Oils, cheese etc. can be adulterated easily and thus require proper packaging.
  7. Convenience: A good design of the package would provide many advantages convenient to stock, display. Not waste shelf space, retails it looks during shelf display and is easy to dispose of- off. Thus, standardization of the packages provides great convenience to the manufacturers, resellers and the consumers.

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