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Anatomy is the study of interior parts of living body. Therefore, it can be termed as branch of Biology that helps to gain clear description about each interior organ. Therefore, anatomy is broadly divided into three main sections: Plant anatomy, animal anatomy and human anatomy. In this article we will focus on human anatomy and our service of anatomy Assignment Help that is provided to Biology students in secondary, college and university level.

Anatomy is mostly confused with physiology, but it must be remembered that anatomy is the study of internal parts of organism whereas physiology is the study of functions of different parts, individually and also in combination with other parts of the system. Anatomy can be divided into two main section: gross anatomy also called macro anatomy and micro anatomy.

Gross anatomy: The study of interior structure of living organism that can be easily viewed by the naked eyes is termed as gross anatomy. Though earlier dissection was necessary for gross anatomy, but nowadays the invention of different scientific instruments allows study of gross anatomy by making small incision in external body or by affixing medical devices outside the system.

Micro anatomy: The study of structure of tissues and cells that makes particular organ is termed as micro anatomy. Study of tissue is termed as histology whereas that of cell is termed as cytology. To conduct microscopic study, different types of microscopic instruments are required. Like simple microscope, electron microscope, compound microscope etc. Moreover small sample of tissues or cells from specific areas help to conduct study on micro anatomy of particular organ.

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Anatomy is again sub-classified according to the systems in living bod. Some of them are briefly described in the section below:

Digestive system: Study of organs that is involved in digestion, absorption and excretion of food come under digestive system. Organs that can be listed under digestive system starts from mouth and ends in intestine. Know more about Digestive system

Immune system: Immune system is also termed as defense system of human body. The organs that make up immune system provide protection against infections, viruses, fungi, bacteria that can enter human body and disturb the normal mechanism. Know more about Immune system

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Integumentary system: The organs present as the outer covering of the body and are exposed to environmental conditions make up integumentary system. Hairs, nails, skin etc. comes under integumentary system. Know more about Integumentary system

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Respiratory system: The organs that are involved in the process of respiration can be studied under respiratory system. Three main parts of respiratory system are airway, lungs and muscles.

Skeletal system: The anatomical study of bones and joints is done in skeletal system. Hence Skeletal system protects, support, and attaches different organs of the body. The anatomy of skeletal system is broadly classified into axial skeletal system and appendicular skeletal system. Axial skeleton consist of 80 bones whereas appendicular skeleton is made of 126 bones that are present in different parts of the body. Know more about Skeletal system

There are many other important system in human body like

Anatomical study of these system is important to get a clear and descriptive knowledge about different parts, their size, structure, location, importance and their functions. If you are looking for anatomy Assignment Help on any of these topics you can give a call to our online Assignment Help site. We help students by providing relevant images and correct information on anatomy of desired organ and its parts. Our Assignment Help service also allows you to get the exact source for writing your anatomy assignment. We are active 24/7, so if you have any doubt or query in understanding the topic of anatomy, seek our anatomy Assignment Help.