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What is Telecommunication? Functions and components

What is Telecommunication?

Telecommunication systems is a specialized system for communicating at a distance. The term telecommunication sometimes also referred as telecom. A Device refers to the exchange of information by electronic and electrical medium over a significant distance. An arrangement which is made up of two or more station with equal number of transmitter and receiver devices is a telecommunication system. Telecommunication devices are telephones, telegraph, radio, microwave communication arrangements, fibre optics, satellites and the internet. Telecommunication is a vast range of information-transmitting technology such as mobile phones, land lines telephone, VOIP and broadcast network. Data transmitted in the form of electrical signals known as carrier waves, which are modulated into analog or digital signals to transmit information.

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Components of Telecommunication

Telecommunication systems is emphasis of some of the essential components that transmit data from one end to another through an electronic medium and each component perform different task. Now learn what they component exactly do and the task perform by each component.

One of the most important component required is computers to process information. Then input or output devices to send and receive data which are also referred as terminals. Input and output are starting and stopping poles of any communication. In network these terminals known as nodes which can be a computer or peripheral devices and if we take real life example then mobile phone/landline is as example of terminals. Communication channels that link the terminals by the various ways of cables and wireless radio frequencies to transmit and receive data. Communication processor like modem which provide control and support functions and help to convert the signal from one form to another by providing communication support for data transmission and reception. Communication Software is used to manage the network and specify the protocol which handle the telecommunication system also handle and control the activities and functionality.

Functions of Telecommunication

Now we are going to discuss Functions of Telecommunication. Learn about functions of telecommunication get help in Telecommunication Assignment Help and get to know about telecommunication and its components.

  • The primary function of telecommunication systems is Transmits information to far distance and establish interface between sender and receiver by some means of transmission mode or way.
  • Since terminals and nodes are connected randomly in the network so this systems route the message along the most efficient paths that take minimum time to send message to the receiver end. Transmission of the data and reception of the message is done in uninterrupted way and come shortest path and minimum time.
  • This systems also ensure that right message received by right user only and while transmitting is also check for transmission errors.
  • As we know network use different software and hardware to transmit data via communication channels and that vary with the different medium so the telecommunication is responsible for converting and managing the speed of transmission independent to the platform. Also convert message from one format to another because information represented in different way to the different platform.
  • Control the flow of information that dependent on the communication channels and the terminals used to transmit information. So this system control both of them accordingly.
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