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nternet Collaboration: Second Life, VOIP, Video Conferencing, Virtual Reality

As we know in today world every individual and mostly organizations depends on internet and some of them are collaborating and interacting online from the very far location to get productive business and environment of the organization and same with the individuals. This is make it possible to communicate, learn new things over internet, conduct business, socialize with the people because some of the emerging technologies. So here we are going to discuss those internet collaboration tools and the virtual reality concept.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is artificial environment that are created with the help of software and used by the users in a way user accepts it as a real one. On the big screens with the help of two senses sight and sound user can see and hear it. But in the emerging technologies user can feel it also because of the advanced features and animations. Basically it’s a 3D image that explored interactively on the users screen and can be control by the same input devices that we are use in our systems like mouse and keyboard. Can move the content of the images and zooming functionality also supported by it.

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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

VOIP is a procedure to deliver voice communication over internet using internet protocol by sending voice data in packets using the IP of the destination rather than using PSTN as communication medium. This provide increased flexibility and mobility by enabling user to use email, fax, remote conferencing over the internet with the connection use anywhere. Also increase the productivity of an organization by allowing their employee do work multiple task without interruptions. This technology is easy to use and understand and if user face any problem can easily troubleshoot the problems related to this.

Video Conferencing

This is the telecommunication technology which allow communication of two or more people located at different location to communicate involving audio and often text as well as video. Videoconferencing can thought a call with picture. This is the most sophisticated way of communication providing transmission of static images and text between two location. Now Videoconferencing become standard for computer equipment. For the tangible benefits many of the company using it which includes lower travel cost because employee of the company no need to travel to customer place and also gained side profit as customer is also using the same technology. On the personal level, you can do face-to-face connection to the person that never meet in the same place. This technology is in trend nowadays.