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During the 1800, the Western part of Africa started to become colonized by the Europeans. Initially they had controlled the ports and coastal areas and rivers. With the fall of the Wassoulou Empire, founded by Samory Ture along with his capture in 1809, the resistance to the French colonialists successively ended. After the World War II, the process to gain independence began with campaigns in Ghana under Kwame Nkrumah during 1900. Almost a decade after the French colonial states of West Africa gained autonomy through protests, riots during 1958 and the rest of the parts gained autonomy during the following decade. The most famous leaders of the independence movement belonged to West Africa like Senghor, Modibo Keita, Sylvanus Olympio, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa and so on. The era was marked by African Socialism. 1983 visualized the rise of famous socialist Thomas Sankara, often considered to be the ‘Che Guevara of Africa’ in Burkina Faso. However the complexity of the history of Western Africa can be the cause of the students’ intention to seek online help regarding the assignments.

Several Events

Since independence, like any other third world countries, West Africa also suffered from many problems, especially dictatorships, political corruption, military issues and so on. Along with this, the post colonial era was also marked with several civil wars which included the Nigerian Civil War, two civil wars in Liberia, civil wars in Sierra Leone, the Guinea-Bissau Civil war and so on. The other issues that plagued the nation back then were natural disasters like famine, diseases like Ebola virus disease, HIV or AIDS and so on.

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