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Polish Born English author Joseph Conrad was born as Jozef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski on 3rd December, 1857. He was considered to be one of the pioneer of modern age novels in English. His stories and novels, most of which written with a nautical setting deal with the trials of the human souls amidst the indestructible, hard, toiling universe. Because of the haunting melody of his crafty language Conrad's writing and language is woven by the magnificent images and symbols, narrating the ambiguous relation between good and evil. He was considered an early modernist along with others. His writing style, especially the portrayal of anti-heroic characters have influenced deeply many authors of modern age like T. S. Eliot, William Faulkner, Graham Greene and so on. While writing during the glorious days of the British Empire, Conrad used to refer back to the national experiences and incidents of his native Poland. Besides this, he also referred back to his own experience in the French and British merchant navies in order to create the portrayal of European dominated space and the complexity of human psychology. His most well known works include 'Heart of Darkness', 'Lord Jim', 'Nostromo' and so on. Many schools, colleges, universities offer courses on Joseph Conrad. Students willing to take up this course should better seek online help. is offering online help for articles on The Worlds of Joseph Conrad.

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Conrad was born in Berdyczow, Ukraine while it was occupied by the Russians. He was the son of Evelina Boborowska and Apollo Korzeniowski, patriot, writer as well as translator of works by Victor Hugo, Shakespeare. In 1861, Apollo along with his wife were arrested due to his attachment with the serfs and critics of Poland's oppressors and his involvement with the Polish National Committees anti-Russian activities. Both of them died in Tuberculosis while on exile in Vologda in Northern Russia. Joseph became the ward of his maternal uncle Tadeusz Boborowski at the age of twelve. Besides Polish, Conrad learned French by his governess. A student from Cracow University taught him Latin, Greek, Geography and Mathematics. Soon after he travelled to the port town of Marseilles in Southern France in 1874, he managed to find employment with many French vessels for the next couple of years. During 1886, he changed his name to Joseph Conrad. While he was employed to the Societe Anonyme pour le Commerce du Haut-Congo in 1890, Conrad managed to writ 'Congo Diary', which would become 'Heart of Darkness' later. His other works include 'An Outcast of the Islands', 'The Nigger of the 'Narcissus', 'Tales of Unrest, 'The Secret Agent' and so on. He died on 3rd August, 1924. The worlds of his novels are filled with the limitless struggle of man's inner conflicts, deceptions, isolation, exploitation of the ruled and the tortured.

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