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Markup Language: Definition & Examples

Markup Language Definition

Markup language is a specialized computer language which is used define text, embed tags in styled electronic document, and in applications and programs. This is derived from marking up of manuscripts in which hand written markups are define in the form of printer instructions. This language used in many place like playlists, vector graphics, web services and user interface. So HTMl is the most widely used markup language.

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Markup language is mainly of three types

  • Presentational Markup: This type of markup language is used by traditional word processing systems with “what you see is what you get” abbreviated as WYSIWYG which is hidden from users.
  • Procedural Markup: Text in this markup language is visibly manipulated by authors and integrated with text processing programs. This also include programming constructs, where macros and subroutines are define with the specific name and invoked by name whenever the functionality is used.
  • Descriptive Markup: This language is used to label the important part of the document and that depend on the user of that document that how they should be treated.

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