Website Design and Programming Languages: HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS & JavaScript

Website design defining and planning is basically to define the goals and objectives to make this website and this is one of the initial stage to make any website. Initial stage contain several different aspects like if you designing any website for sure it contain related web pages which include webpage layout, productive content of the web page, graphic design. Web design is different from web development or we can say designing is the subset of web development. To create any web page we use markup language, designers build webpages using HTML tags and for the layout and appearance we use CSS. So basically a website is a combination of HTML and CSS. If you facing any problem in your web design Assignment Help our expert tutors will you out.

Web Design

Building your website foundation


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup language which is mainly formulate to website creation. This language is quite powerful and easy to learn and constantly come with the latest version of new updates. Hypertext is a process by which you can move around the web by clicking on the simple text which are known as hyperlinks. Markup is a certain type of special text which is inside the HTML tags. An html file contain HTML code and saved file with the .html extension viewed on the browser which read the file and translate them into visible form.


This is extensible Hypertext Markup language which is a reformulation of HTML 4.0 which comes with the advanced features that help to build better website and also help to the developers to write less code as XHTML doesn’t require closing tags any element may be self-closed. Use of special characters may be escaped using special entities.


Extensible markup language main purpose of this language is to store and transform data this language is much like HTML. This language is also a self-descriptive which means user can define their own tags in it. Main difference between HTML and XML is HTML is used to display data and take care of how data looks on the web browser, focus is on alignment of data where XML was designed to carry the data in the web pages and focus on what data is. While coding and learning in XML developer should have knowledge about HTML and JavaScript. It simplifies some of the important thing that are massively used in IT world like data sharing, data transport, data availability, platform changes.

Decorate your website


Css stands for cascading style sheets which is used to describe the presentation document written in languages like html and xml and so on which are markup languages mostly it is used to visual representation of the web pages with the interface written in language like HTML and XHTML. It is a cornerstone technology which is used by many websites to create visually engaging sites. CSS designed separates the document content to its presentation including the aspects such as layout and colors, separation of the page improves its accessibility provide more flexibility.


JavaScript is a scripting language which enables web designers to design interactive sites. This language was implemented on many of the features of Java language and can interact with HTML source code, developers can spice up their sites with the dynamic content.

SO these are some of the language that are base to make any website. If you are planning to design your own website and need for help in website designing, can get knowledge from our expert tutors.