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Originally derived from a greek root with latin equivalent in Physiologia, which denoted natural knowledge.

Homeostasis means maintaining internal environment. It involves Negative feed back mechanism, an action that directly opposes a variation from normal limits. And positive feed back mechanism i.e an initial disturbance in a system sets off a chain of events that increase the disturbance further.

# transport across cell membrane

Passive Transport Process

  1. Diffusion :- molecules move from higher concentration to lower concentration. It can be two types Simple and Facilitated.
  2. Osmosis :- diffusion across semipermiable membrane
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Active Transport Process

  1. Primary active transport process :- it consist of a) sodium-potassium pump or Na –K ATPase b) calcium pump c)potassium hydrogen pump
  2. Secondary active transport process :-in this the active transport of Na is coupled with the transport of other substance. Example glucose transport in PCT
  3. Carrier type processes:- it can be of a)Uniport b) Symport c) Antiport
  4. Vascular transport process or transcytosis :- it can be a) Endocytosis b) Exocytosis

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