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4.1. Introduction

Understanding consumer buyer behaviour is intrinsic to the successful management of the marketing mix and the building of long-term, profitable customer relationships. It is, after all, consumers who make up markets. In order to offer the right consumers the right products at the right time, providers of products and services need to understand their preferences, prejudices, motivations and buying habits. They need to appreciate that every purchase decision is a choice decision and that it encompasses a wide variety of factors. As human beings, we make our choice using a combination of rational judgments, based on facts and previous experience, and subjective feelings that determine our likes and dislikes. As consumers are not always the buyers and this chapter adopts the definition of consumers as being the end users of the product or service. In trying to comprehend why people buy what they buy, marketers have to make judgements about the importance they ascribe to consumers’ expressed beliefs about certain products and services.

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