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How to write a research paper properly?

A research paper is one of the most complicated tasks for students. It requires high-quality writing skills, concentration, and, most importantly, research skills. Students often find it complex and feel helpless. A research paper is academic writing that offers an argument, analysis, and interpretation based on the research. The research paper is equal to the academic essays, but they take longer and detailed analysis. In a Research paper, the research is more important than the writing. To write it down, you will need a strong knowledge of the topic by making an original contribution to the debate.

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How to start the paper

When you have to write a research paper, you shouldn't immediately start writing; before that, you need to take few preparatory steps. You have to get familiar with the assignment in the first place to understand what is expected from you. For a high-quality research paper, there are major steps a researcher has to follow, such as

Understand the assignment

To successfully write a research paper, you need to make sure that you understand the assignment task sheet. In the research paper, you need to accomplish certain tasks set for you. To understand the tasks read them carefully and identify the goal, length, specifications, and formatting. Make a list of all the requirements that will help you complete the research paper without any issues. Be careful about the word limit, plan enough time, be realistic and then write and edit. At Assignmenthelp.net, our experts take care of all these things to produce a high-quality research paper.

Choose the research paper carefully.

There are many ways to choose a research paper. You have to pick something genuinely interested in, or you won't feel motivated enough to write the paper.{" "}

The more interesting topic you pick, the more it will reflect on the quality of your research paper. It can impact your grade as well. Remember not to choose a big topic because it can be hard to manage. Rather than that, choose a small topic that will be easier to analyze. The complexity of your research paper is vital, and make sure you have enough knowledge to manage it. Otherwise, you will feel stuck and unable to complete the assignment. Meet the criteria of your assignment and choose something original and specific.

Conduct research before starting

Note anything that can help you with your assignment, and try to find a problem that you can focus on in your paper. You should take help from various sources, websites, journals, and other platforms to not miss any information. Don't look for sources that will match your ideas in mind, but also look for the sources that challenge your point of view.

  • What are the heated debates you can address in your topic?
  • What is your point of view or unique take on the topic?
  • Are there any recent developments that took place on the topic?
  • It is helpful to write research questions and try to ad why/what/how in the paper.

Focus on thesis statement

A{" "} thesis statement {" "} is the primary argument of your paper. The thesis statement explains the objective and the status of your research paper. The thesis statement should answer and show the reasoning and evidence to verify your point if it begins with a question. The thesis statement ought to remain coherent, argumentative, and concise, which intends to paraphrase the argument of a sentence. Make a claim that needs further analysis or evidence. Make it a point to recounts each point in the paper.

Create an outline

An outline in a research paper is the list of important points, evidence, and arguments. After adding them, divide them into segments with headings that will give you the idea of how the paper will look before you start writing. An outline structure will help you to make the process easier.

Write a draft of the research paper.

The First draft won't be perfect or final, and you can polish it later. Your priorities at this stage should be

  • Write now, and make it perfect later.
  • Pay attention to the logical ordering of sentences and paragraphs, a clear organization that will help you make your second draft.
  • Express your point of view as clearly as possible, so it will be easier to find out what you are trying when you look at the text.

It is not mandatory to start the research paper by writing the introduction. Start where you feel more comfortable and natural. Some students try to finish the most difficult section first, and others try to finish the easier part. If you are done with outlining, then use it as a map while writing. If you dislike something you have written, then don't delete it. If it doesn't fit in the paragraph, move it to another section because you never know it can be useful later.

Structure of your paragraph

Paragraphs are like the block of building in a research paper. Each paragraph should focus on the idea that helps establish the paper's purpose or argument.

Be careful with plagiarism.

It is important to be careful while taking information from a website. Each time you use a source, make sure to note where all the information came from.

Write an introduction

The research paper should contain why, how, and what. The introduction should give the idea about what the reader is going to find in the paper's body, what the paper is about, how you will build the arguments, and why it is worth reading.

Come up with a good conclusion.

The research paper is designed in such a way to help the reader and to provide them a sense of wholeness. Find the motive regarding the search paper and whence all the points come together to prove the thesis statement. Present the research paper totality by ensuring the reader understands the issues you have raised in the introduction. You can also outline what the paper offers and the general consequences of the argument.

Proofreading and editing

Many students don't realize the importance of proofreading part. According to them, the research paper is done after they finish writing, and it is ready to be submitted. But it is not the right approach. Editing and proofreading are vital to ensure the success of the paper. The proofreading will ensure that you have completed all the necessary tasks. Focus on the sentence structure, formatting, and grammatical errors.{" "}

Check that you have correctly used all the phrases and transition words to show the connection between your ideas. Check the typing errors, and delete any unnecessary words. Make sure your paper meets the requirement of the instructions given by the professor.

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