Write a paragraph about an area of your life that you feel could be enhanced with critical thinking

Introduce yourself to the className by telling us about any of the following: Your life, location, family, hobbies, career aspirations, and anything else you feel would be relevant.

Write a paragraph about an area of your life that you feel could be enhanced with critical thinking. Viewing the situation objectively and using critical thinking, what steps might you be able to take to improve your life in this area?

My name is Ranan Arrington. I am from Fayetteville, North Carolina. I have three children, two boys (7and 10), and a daughter (2). The children’s father and I are planning to get married this June. I work as a rural carrier for the post office. But my passion is talking to people on a clinical level. Before I worked in the post office I worked with children of all ages in educational field for 10 years. And I learned that it does matter what you teach children, but it matters even more about how they learn as individuals. I am earning my degree In cognitive studies. I eventually want to go for my master’s in psychology. I know how important technology these days is, especially for our youth. My youngest son is a gifted learner. He has Asperger and a lot of the time he knows what they are about to learn in school. Technology has helped him challenge his learning while still staying in touch with age appropriate subjects. I see learning and staying interested is an issue more and more as the children gets older, especially for young boys. I want young children to keep their passion to learn and to keep learning in areas that interest them to do the work for our future like math and science. We could support cool clubs that allow children to use math and science to do fun and relatable science experiments. Bottle rockets, making slime, volcanos are just for starters. What about robotics building or coding. I know they would like to use coordinates for a treasure hunt or the stars to plot our own constellations. What so you think we could add to our activity list?