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Workshop meeting agenda activity 2 BSBDIV501

Workshop Meeting agenda

Purpose of meeting:

(summary only)

To discuss about diversity in the workplace




Minute taker:





Employee Representatives

Local employee provider

Relevant Meeting Documents:

List the three (3) relevant fact sheets/guidelines from the Human Rights Commission that you will distribute

Ten steps to create fair and productive workplace (Human Right Commission)

A quick guide to Australian Discrimination (Human Right Commission)

Step by step guide to preventing discrimination in recruitment (Human Right Commission)

Agenda items


Welcome and background to the workshop

Formal welcome to participants

Officially open the workshop

Welcome the participants

Share some comment on the expectation of the workshop

Introduce the training team

Describe background in relation to the workplace diversity

Participant introduction

Participants should bring their own experiences and concerns to discussions, so they can focus the time and energy of the workshop on key issues that they would like to see addressed. To this extent, they can contribute to setting the agenda for key issues discussed at the workshop.


Purpose of workshop (detailed)

The purpose of the workshop is to increase participants' cultural awareness, knowledge, and communication. Diversity training can benefit an organization by helping to prevent civil rights violations, increasing the inclusion of different identity groups, and promoting better teamwork.


Distribute meeting papers (list at least three (3) guidelines/fact sheets)

Ten steps to create fair and productive workplace (Human Right Commission)

A quick guide to Australian Discrimination (Human Right Commission)

Step by step guide to preventing discrimination in recruitment (Human Right Commission)


Australian federal discrimination laws (list the six (6) key federal legislation)

Age Discrimination Act 2004

Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Racial Discrimination Act 1975

Sex Discrimination Act 1984

Equal Opportunity Act 1984


Local State discrimination laws (list the one (1) key legislation for the state where you are studying)

Tasmania – Anti-Discrimination Act 1998


Recommended Good Practice

Train and sensitise employees

Involve the entire top management team

Adapt the organizational structure

Communicate about the initiative on continuous basis

Change all HR initiatives to include diversity


Selection and recruitment of staff

As part of the recruitment and selection, company will actively use non-discriminatory safeguards to prevent favouring candidates over others. For example, you may wish to make candidates’ ages anonymous during the selection process or disregard their origins. If using a selection panel, this will help provide focus on assessing skills and attributes for short-listing candidates and will enable decisions to be based on equity and fairness.


Benefits of a diversity

Enhance business performance and productivity

Enhance innovative and creative thinking

Preventing discrimination saves time and money and reduces risk

Promote staff health and well-being

Improves language skills and community relations


Ideas to utilise our diversity

Commit to boosting your own cultural competency

Creating a workplace where different perspectives are valued and embraced

Make your workplace more welcoming and productive for everyone

Change company policies and procedures

Use intranet to re-enforce your corporate workplace diversity program

Organize diversity training program

Examine current promotion and hiring processes and ensure they offer equal opportunity to all.


Feedback / Questions and closing workshop meeting

Allow attendees to share what they have learnt

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