Windows 10 Admin Lab 7 Questions

Assignment for Windows 10 Admin Lab #07 Questions:{" "}

1) Given the message (as shown above), of the three possible reasons listed, which one is the most likely to be the cause of the remote connection failure?


The most likely cause of the remote connection failure from the three possible listed option – 1) Remote access to the server is not enabled.

2) After the Remote Desktop successfully connects, what is displayed on the top of the screen that identifies{" "} PC1 is being used?


When the remote desktop connection is successfully established, a digital certificate message is displayed on the screen to identify PC1. This certificate id used to verify the connection with the remote host from this PC.

3) In the lab While remotely connected to{" "} PC1 and you click on the{" "} Start Menu and select the{" "} Power icon. What option(s) is listed there at this time?


While connected remotely with the PC1, when we click on the Start Menu and select the Power icon, only one option is there – Disconnect.

4) Why is it necessary to login to the PC1 machine again?


It is necessary to login to the PC1 machine again to check what PC2 was done on this machine. As we can see a new text document on the desktop of PC2 is there.

5) Is the file created by PC2 on the desktop?


Yes, this file is created by PC2 because we can see his name on the file – “PC2 Was Here”

6) What are some benefits of using the{" "} Remote Desktop Connection?


There are so many benefits of using the remote desktop connection. Some are – we can access any remote system with proper authentication and perform required task on that system like access data, access and work on any application and more.