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Frame Relay and ISDN

Frame Relay

A packet-switching protocol for connecting devices on a Wide Area Network (WAN). The Frame Relay header contains the user-specified DLCI field, which is the destination address of the frame. It also contains congestion and status signals which the network sends to the user. The Frame Relay frame is transmitted to its destination by way of virtual circuits to a destination point.

ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)

ISDN Internet service is basically a telephone-based network system that operates by a circuit switch, or dedicated line. It can transmit data and phone conversations digitally over normal telephone wires. This makes it both faster and of higher quality than dial-up Internet service.

Difference between X.25, Frame relay, ATM and TCP/IP


X.25 is used for packet switching across computer networks. It use the Error recovery procedures at the packet layer which is responsible for retransmitting data received in error. The performance is effected by the long and variable delays.It uses the store-and-forward mechanism so the speed is not so good. X.25 is supported up to 2 MB.

Frame Relay

It uses switching packets immediately instead of store-and-forward mechanism. The frame relay configuration is very simple.


The ATM protocol architecture is designed to provide the quality of service. Fixed sized cells are that it can be switched more efficiently and this results in very high data rates of ATM.


TCP/IP is a network protocol. IP is for moving data packets from node to node and TCP is to verifying the correct delivery of data from client to server. IP takes care of the communication with other computers.

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