What Is Sociology?

The term sociology originates from the French word sociologie which means the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society. Its primary motive is to the study the different patterns related to social behavior or society. Sociology is a vast subject with no limits to your exploration. It deals with matters relating to people’s view on social className, a division of race, diversification, crime, religion, studying people’s beliefs and its importance to culture etc. Sociology helps in analyzing such diversions and understanding how human behavior can be designed and influenced by social culture and traditions. Sociology is the key to all your answers relating to the social world. In sociology, different approaches can be made for the same question.

Themes of Sociology

There’s no, a fixed number of themes or standards. Therefore, we will discuss some of the major themes in sociology which have been developed and incorporated over the years at both domestic and international level. Given below are some of the most widely researched themes in sociology.

  • Culture- It’s one of the most important themes of sociology. It studies the importance of traditions, culture and its impact on humans. Every human being learns from its culture. A proper analytical study of culture is necessary to understand ourselves and others.
  • Time and change-All human beings are interested in knowing their roots from the past. With the help of this study, people can realize how they have changed accordingly with time.
  • Environment and people-Everyone know the type of environment they acquire. People have different perceptions about different types of environment. Therefore, sociology helps in understanding the relationship between people and their environment.
  • Individual growth-Each and every individual is shaped by the culture they live in. Through sociology different types of human and their growth is analyzed which helps in understanding the relationship between individual growth and its relationship with the culture, they live in.
  • Civic ideals and practices-All human beings are interested in knowing their civic ideals and practices. Sociology studies different civic ideals and practices and helps in building the participation of people in society.

Careers in sociology

In a world where creativity, innovation and solving complex problems are considered to be the key to success, sociology helps in designing you for such worlds. Given below are the list of services you can perform with a degree in sociology:

Case managementNon-profit agenciesLaw enforcement
Family planningPublic relationsProfessional writing
Substance abuse educationMarketing/salesResearch
Rehabilitation CounsellingConsumer researchEditing
Health servicesBusinessPublishing
Social workAdministrationJudicial affairs
AttorneyDevelopmentCriminal justice
AdvisingInvestigationsUrban planning

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Importance of sociology

Sociology plays an important role in understanding the different patterns of social behavioral and analyzing them for making our daily lives better. Sociology is useful in solving many complex problems from crime and religion to understanding different cultures around the world and finding ways which increase the participation of humans in the society. Sociology helps us in the understanding diversification of environment, people, belief and work towards building a better society.

Applications in Public Policy

Sociology plays an important role in public policy. Sociologists do deep research on how the application of sociology in public policy improves our daily lives as an individual in the society. It includes different techniques executed by the govt to treat everyone equally like schools and public institutions. Sociology also helps in formulating principles and rules for these educational institutions for a better life. Keeping various factors in mind sociologists come out with the best ideas for better performance and system. All the ideas that have been used are deeply examined and researched by the sociologists.

Social change and personal growth

Sociologists study various changes in the society from the past till now. They analyze the changes and come up with ideas and solutions that help in building a better society. It studies all the cultural and traditional changes that have taken place. Transformations that have occurred over these years. With the help of sociology, we can help in building a society of diverse culture. It helps in unifying different people which helps in personal growth. It helps in building participation of people in the society, adopting various ideas and respecting every individual's beliefs on culture and tradition.

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