What can be gained through analyzing film

  • What can be gained through analyzing film?

Analyzing a film has so much to it in my opinion and I find it very important to dig into the important aspects of a film. Learning about the elements, camera angles, lighting in the film and the sound effects and musical scores is to name off a few. I’ve learned a lot from films by breaking them down for the total picture of that the director is implementing on. I have learned that different types of lighting can give you a totally different feeling of what is going on in the film like suspense or even drama. I have learned to look at films in a deeper way than just the surface of it.

  • How has this changed the way you view movies?

Looking at films in a different perspective is what I have learned from Introduction to Film from someone who hasn’t taken this Assignment. I have learned there is just much more than watching a film. There is genre for the reason why films are even made. Also, subgenres, genres and having the understanding on why directors do things the way they do. This className has also made me realize for always liking Steven Spielberg movies like Saving Private Ryan, The Post and Ready Player One. Noticing these movies have different themes to them but learning about the different themes that Spielberg has done with his movies, had myself be more drawn to his movies that he has directed.

  • How are you able to use film theory and criticism to find and interpret meaning in movies?

I have learned a lot of different approaches to film analysis such as a formalist or realist point of view. By using these different points of view, I have found that I can “feel” what the directors are pushing. I have been watching lots of kids’ movies with having a four and five-year-old’s who are into the animation movies. I have found that there are lots of hidden meanings that I did not previously catch for previously watching animation films (kids movies). For instance, watching movies like Toy Story and Frozen I now see that childhood can’t last forever and teaches a lesson. I also found from The Fox in the Hound that friendships will come and go. I can positively say that this className opened my eyes to the world of movies in a good way. I now view movies as something deeper than just watching a movie in a point of view for someone who hasn’t taken this className.

  • In what ways has this Assignment changed your understanding of how movies are related to society?

I have understood how society influences movies and movies influences society. For example, when Jaws was released, it caused fear across the beaches of the United States. I also see films as more of an art form now than just a story told by actors. I have learned to pay attention on how to relate to movies for the times they are made. A good example of this is how movies such as White House Down in a time of terror attacks.

  • What are the top two skills you have developed during this Assignment, and how might those skills be added to your resume or LinkedIn profile to benefit your future career or current profession?

Some skills that have gained from this className is knowing how to analyze things and to dig deeper into them piece by piece. Also, I have learned to use more scholarly sources in the ENG 225 folder in Ashford Library. I learned how to navigate to get to the folder in end of week three in this className. To be honest, I am not entirely sure how this will help profession in Education Studies by adding it to my resume.