Week 5 music assignment

  1. What are the characteristics of Boogie woogie piano style
  • Base on the 12 bar blues
  • Syncopated right hand lines that are varied throughout
  • Constantly repeated left hand pattern
  1. Who are important arrangers and composers of the swing era
  • Don Redman
  • Duke Ellington
  • Fletcher Henderson
  1. Listen to the audio clip In the following excerpt what are you hearing
  • Song “ Mood Indigo” performed by Ellington
  • A third section that repeats the main melody
  • A second section with a different melody
  • Two similar sections stating the main melody
  1. Listen to the audio clip. What is the style of this song?
  • “Lemon Drop” performed by Fitzgerald
  • Style: Bebop
  • tempo jazz standard in a fast 4
  • Intro 4 bars, First chorus- melodic statement, Second chorus-vocal “scat” Solo

Third Chorus 1:06 & Fourth chorus 1:34

  1. Bebop musicians used the same chords and songs of the swing era but?
  • Added more creative harmonies and original melodies to them
  1. Listen to the audio clip. The opening section of this piece is played?
  • “Ko-Ko” performed by Parker compose Charlie Parker

as introduction for the soloist

by alto sax, muted trumpet, bass and drums

  1. What are the important factors that make the arrangement for Gershwin’s “Summertime” from Porgy and Bess effective?
  • The poignant sound of the muted trumpet
  • Gershwin’s simple blues-like melody
  • The moody, spaciousness of Gil Evans arrangement
  • The sparse, melodic style of miles Davis
  1. Listen to the audio clip. In this excerpt, the function of the rhythm section is strictly
  • To keep time … song The preacher by Silver
  1. Why is “Ko-Ko” considered a popular jazz recording?
  • It is one of the first recording of the new jazz style known as bebop
  • Gillespie plays both piano and trumpet on this recording
  • It feature the two founding fathers of the bebop movement, Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker
  • Parker’s solo in one of the true masterpieces of jazz improvisation
  1. Listen to the audio. How does this experct illustrate the concept of cool jazz?
  • The timbre of the muted trumpet
  • Simple, sparse rhythm with the drums and the bass
  • The laid back, unadorned statement of the melody
  • Subtle and colorful ostinato background figure
  1. The influence of gospel music is obvious here, making this a good example of ?
  • Funky jazz
  1. What are the instruments commonly used in jazz ensembles?
  • Trumpets, trombones and saxophones
  • Piano, string bass and drums
  1. What instruments are most commonly heard in a jazz combo of five players?
  • Trumpet
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Piano
  • Alto Sax
  1. Which jazz performance techniques are demonstrated in this excerpt?
  • The break and fill
  • Group improvisation
  • Improvised solo
  1. The excerpt illustrates what elements of the jazz style?
  • Scat singing
  • Improvisation
  • Head arrangement
  • Syncopation
  1. Many contemporary jazz artist have returned to the historic rhythms and styles of the music, playing what is called?
  • “straight ahead” Jazz
  1. Monks harmonies are very?
  • Dissonant
  1. How does Monk present the repeated 8-bar melody in this excerpt?
  • The first time he embellishes it, the second time he improvises around it