Was The Us Civil War Inevitable History Essay

Was The Us Civil War Inevitable History Essay

Were the American Civil wars Inescapable?


The Civil war is one of the effective and outstanding events in the record of the United States of America. It was a conflict that was related to the military and occurred in the United States of America between the period of 1861 and 1865 at the time the North states effectively get fought against the United States of America’s confederate states and at that time Abraham Lincoln was the elected president of the United States of America. This struggle has been effectively taking place in the United States for the reason that the South’s states effectively want their independence and on the other hand, the states of the north part want to stay in unity and when this civil war has been taken place between both the north United States and the southern United States then this changed various things in the US Country not even in the country USA but with this also change many things throughout the world.

This civil war would easily get been avoided the main and the effective reason for which this civil war has been effectively getting placed due to the reason that it mainly causes a difference in the opinions of the slaveries and many years before when the war takes place in the country there was a great effort has been effectively implemented to properly abolish the black people’s slavery in the country but not any effective result and the outcome has been achieved. So, regarding all these, there were four fundamental areas between both the southern and the northern states of the United States that have effectively made the war between them. The confederation states of South have been effectively an aristocratic culture and for the main economic activity, it has been effectively getting relied upon for the effective collection of the agricultural products like the tobaccos, and the sugarcanes, etc. The differences are Ideological, economic, political as well as social differences between both the northern and the southern US.

 The Ideological differences were the key factors for effectively making the war inevitable however it was not an effective split for the belief of slavery so that it could effectively-being right or wrong for which the armed conflict has been effectively caused. The majority for the northerners as they are effectively not get concerned with the moral aspect for the slavery as with this the north US has been effectively getting differ from the Southern US in respect of their white supremacy and the differences in the economic ideology this was the effective fundamental difference between both North and South.

The different economic structures of both the Southern, as well as the Northern USAs, were a main and the fundamental division between both these which effectively make the conflicts available as the southern state of the US was the anti-tariff and with due to this reason it had effectively made them incompatible with the Northern part of the USA.

Causes for the Civil Wars

Economic Causes: Various civil wars have been effectively taking place within poor societies. So, the main reason for the cause of a civil war is the weaker economy of the South of the US as due to the reason that South was having an agrarian economy and the farms, and the plantation was the main sources of income for them and before the Industrial age South was the powerful state and having a roaring economy, but it could not get continued when the American revolution has been taken place.

Political issue: The political issue like colonial subordination, lacking political rights, were the main political causes of the civil wars.

Slavery: It was one of the main and the most important cause for the civil wars in the USA as the slavery were divided between both the northern as well as in the Southern states of USA. People of northern states effectively relied on slavery as the wrong evil and whereas on the other hand the northern state of the USA having free labors was also the major reason for the war.

Rights of states: The ideas and thoughts regarding the states rights were not new for the civil wars and while the country’s constitution gets effectively written then a great argument regarding this has been effectively made that is how much power of the state and how much power should the government had with them.

Expansion of United States: As the US effectively get to continued and expand westward and with this, each new state has been effectively getting added to the country which mainly shifted the power between the north and the southern states and while seeing this the southern states effectively get feared that they would lose all their powers due to the reason for connecting various states with the northern states.

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Opportunity structures for the Civil wars

Various factors effectively not gave a clear understanding regarding why the civil war has been effectively breakout at the specific time and some research es regarding that had been effectively suggested that certain effective events could create a political opportunity that effectively gives the better prospects for effectively extracting the concession from states and such factors may effectively include the various demonstrations for the weakness of the states, some conflicts between the states, or some effective events that make easier for the groups to properly mobilize it. Some economic crises, as well as emergencies, could also help in increasing the various risks for the conflicts between the states and the countries.

The effective case that was against the civil war

As it was the major cause that the Americans generally lived with the various issues that mainly led to the generations for the wars. And thus, with this the historians mainly get argued with the evidence regarding the comprises intended for the numerous pre wars. And according to them the outbreaking of the civil wars has been effectively getting neglected by the blundering generations and during the civil war, this blundering generation has been effectively getting to an extent.

The effective case that is related to the civil war effectively get succession with the various opportunities that were mainly get seized by the north and the lacking of strong violence movements was effectively getting leads to the civil wars and it had been strongly suggesting that the war would effectively resolve the issues and effectively illustrates the extents in which the sectionalism would effectively get developed and then it would divide the country between the dual dispersed nations.


For the civil wars in the United States of America various factors have been effectively getting occurred so with this it was inevitable this war mainly get occur due to the differences between the northern and the southern states of the United States of America and as per the president of the United States of America it could get clear that it was not possible for both the states that are northern and the southern to effectively get exists under the one government all the differences that is between both the states was the main reason and the cause for the civil wars like the political differences, social, legal, economical difference. So, with all these the southern as well as the northern states of the US could not get effectively able to develop the similarities like either the economically or the ideology.