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Visual Basic or VB is a special language for programmers. Today VB with .NET known as Visual Basic .NET provides strong integration with the Windows operating system and the Component Object Model. Microsoft Visual Studio is one of the best and popular Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a user friendly software product by Microsoft. Visual Basic .NET is also known as Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPs).

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Features of Visual Basic programming language :

  • Programming for the Windows User Interface is extremely complicated.
  • Other Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) is no better.
  • Visual Basic provides a convenient method for building user interfaces.
  • Visual Basic can interface with code written in C for the efficiency.
Free VB Code Example Public className TaxCalculator Public income As Double Public Numchildren As Integer Public Function CalcTax() As Double Dim tax As Double tax = income * 0.25 - exlusions Return tax End Function End className
Visual Basic Tax Calculator
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