Use of information resources for research issue in global HRM

I am an Human Resource Manager of a company and the company is idea Cellular Limited, which is merged with Vodafone Ltd.

Both companies belong to the telecom sector. The details of which are as follows :-

1. First merge company :-

Idea Cellular Limited

  • Its founder is Aditya Birla (Aditya Birla Ltd).
  • It is a telecommunications sector company which is Indian. Headquarters in Mumbai.
  • Its work is to connect the people and world though network.
  • The company provides all services related Prepaid, Postpaid connection and WIFI dongle product.
  • All other service such as balance recharge and data related work also provide to customers.
  • The company provide best network in telecom sector.
  • Organization involved in commercial, industrial or professional activity.
  • It is second largest company India.

2. Second merge company :-

Vodafone Limited

  • Its founder is Ernest Harrison.
  • It is a British multinational telecommunication company. Headquarters in London.
  • It provides telecom and IT services to corporate clients.
  • Among mobile operator groups globally Vodafone ranked fourth.
  • It offers integrated communication solution in cloud computing, unified communications and collaboration.
  • Its services include domestic and international voice, data and machine service, broadband, managed services, mobile payment and recording etc.
  • This company is also provides services like M-paisa and M-health to the customer.
  • The company has primary listing on London Stock Exchange and its constituent is FTSE 100 Index.

Both companies have merged. Therefore being the human resource manager of the company, some important steps taken by me to unify the company’s culture :-

  • Firstly understand the employees, customers, products and all cultural, business and social rules and methods of both companies.
  • Keep in mind the interests of employees of both companies. Because both belong to different countries and cultures.
  • Determining policies by keeping in mind the needs of the customers and employees of both companies.
  • Coordination between the two cultures for the advancement of companies.
  • To implement rules for uniting many cultural activities (cultural day, festivals, languages etc.) among the employees of the companies.
  • Evaluate human resources in organization.
  • Creating comprehensive publicity and understanding among the workers of cultural policies and working to reach the suggestion of workers to their organizations to high level administrators.
  • Executing cultural policies in a planned manner to be consistent for implementation.

As a Human Resource Manager, it will be my duty to try to make proper coordination between all the employees, activities and of the company for the company’s development. Which would be the basis of my justification for choosing each steps in my own checklist.

The nature of Globalization, Culture and Labour market and impact on Human Capital Management (HRM) :-

  1. Globalization :- Globalization is the process of transformation of local or regional objects or events globally. In Globalization, some people bring together their products and ideas around the world and by providing them their services, they help in development of that region.
  2. Culture :- The long term traditions and practices adopted by any society which are also still in the present day called Culture. Culture helps in the development of humankind in social and mental ways. Through culture, people get an opportunity to know each other’s lifestyle and productivity needs.
  3. Labour Market :- Labour Market by which some people work hard to develop themselves and society. With the effect that new changes and development in society continues And productivity increases by which society makes economic development.
  4. Globalization, Culture and Labour Market has the effect on Human Capital Management that by promoting the products and capital of any company, global level helps them and understand their activities. So that the development of the company and the development of its workers.

Use of technology and information resources for research issue in global HRM :- through the IT and information resource, the work of human resource becomes even easier, and the difficulty in them is also overcome. Because the information about the products made in human resources management through the information technology and the workers. HRM can be connect by all the offices and officers around the world by IT. Through IT, HRM is kept in constant contact with its workers. HRM can check and be helpful in the development of company.