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The University of East London is an honorable university in London, England. It is an official public university located in a modern suburb of London. It is based in other three campuses grounds, in Newham, which is the main and in Stratford and Docklands. The University Square Stratford was opened in 2013. The university’s initial foundations and origins can be traced back to 1890s. It was when the West Ham Technical Institute was opened.

The origins of the University of East London dates back to 1890s. It was later established as an official university in 1992. Currently, it has more than 13,500 students from around 135 countries enrolled. The campus grounds at Stratford and Docklands are located in East London suburb. The Canary Wharf is located at close proximity to the other two campus grounds. The campus grounds of Docklands were the latest addition to London’s university campuses in the last 5 decades.

The academic and scholarly capabilities of the University of East London are well received by the students. The degree programs include Civil Engineering, Architecture and Visual Arts, Cultural and Media Studies, Psychology studies, Physical Education studies. The University of East London is widely known for sports and extra-curricular activities and has had Olympic and Paralympic ventures including student association, research, and other wearing organizations in progress since 2005. As of February 2019, it had in excess of 17,000 understudies from 135 nations.

Campus Grounds

The University of East London has mainly three campus grounds currently, at Docklands, Stratford and the latest addition being University Square Stratford. It was constructed in 2013. Another campus ground named the Barking campus ground was closed publicly in 2006.

The University of East London conveys projects and limited programs at the Barking Learning Centre. There are also students who are enrolled in assignments and projects with non-UK as well as UK scholarly accomplices, for instance, The Women’s Institute of Management in Malaysia.

Stratford Campus

The Stratford Campus ground is situated near the 2012 Olympic Park. It is mainly designed as per the University House, which was a 19th-century building near the campus ground. The School of Health Sport and Bioscience, School of Psychology, Cass School of Education and Communities are all situated in Stratford Campus grounds. In 2008, the Centre for Clinical Education was inaugurated. London’s solitary supplier of podiatric education is included in the National Health Service. 

The University of East London in 2011, appointed some designers and architects for making a building as a substitution library situated inside the Stratford Campus. The library was constructed and then opened finally in 2013.

Docklands Campus

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In 1999, Dockland campus grounds were opened publicly. It is by far the biggest of all the campus ground of the University of East London. It is situated in the redevelopment Docklands area in east London. It is very close to the commercial shipping and is used largely as a water sports center. The London City Airport is nearby from Docklands campus ground. The Docklands Light Railway’s Cyprus Station is adjacent to the Docklands Campus and gives access to central London and Canary Wharf.

The campus grounds of Docklands were nominated in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyor’s Building of the year in 2001.

The new student accessibility was opened in the year 2008. The campus grounds have more than 1,200 student rooms, shops, cafes, eateries, an open wellness suite, and a launderette, as of now. SportsDock was inaugurated in 2012 and is a game and academic center. It is essentially a High-Performance Training Centre for USA national team in the London 2012 Olympic Games. The Royal Docks Business School houses the campus library.

Stratford University Square

This campus ground is the latest addition to the campus grounds of the University of East London. It was officially opened in 2013. It is situated in Stratford, it is co-owned by Birbeck, University of London. It is for both full times as well as part-time students. Stratford University Square is the first time two higher study institutions shared a new building. The building gives shared teaching spaces to both advanced education establishments and their accomplices. The School of Law and Social Sciences have situated this campus. In 2014, the building was appointed for the annual Carbuncle Cup.


Schools and Resources

Docklands Campus

Under graduation and post graduation degree programs are trained by one of the seven educating schools in this campus. Also, the university offers help and managerial administrations for all of its research students pursuing post-graduation.

Royal Docks School of Business and Law

The RDBSL or popularly known as School of Business and Law is a consolidated college which provides under graduation, postgraduation and also Ph. D study programs. It also offers non-degree official education for organizations and people. The School of Business and Law is situated in the main Stratford campus, also some other programs are conducted in the Docklands Campus ground.

The School of Business and Law likewise provides a scope of study and marketing support, endeavor advancement administrations and offices for conferencing. Information Desk enables students to begin their very own organizations by providing business start-up designs and ideas. Information Desk is certified as a Business Innovation Centre by the European Business Network. It is also the main BIC in the whole of London, and it includes being one of just 12 in the whole of the United Kingdom.

School of Social Sciences

The School of Social Sciences provides degree programs for postgraduation as well as under graduation students. The subjects and fields in which it provides degree programs are economics, legislative issues, worldwide improvement, psychosocial contemplates human science, social endeavor and advancement thinking.

Cass School of Education and Communities

The Cass School of Education and Communities provides in education and supports research work in the language and variety, proficient training, network and designing, teacher training, innovative learning, and social work.

School of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering

The School of Architecture, Computing, and Engineering were formed in the year 2011. It provides programs specialize for under graduation in the fields of engineering, computing, architectures and designing, electrical designing, items plan, and processing.

School of Health, Sport and Bioscience

The School of Health, Spot, and Bioscience provide research work and teachings in the field of health and wellbeing, nursing, physiotherapy, biomedical science, physiotherapy, natural chemistry, law science, physical education, environmental science, and pharmacology.

School of Psychology

The School of Psychology provides training and learning in degree programs like BSc (Hons) Psychology, which is mainly authorized by the British Psychological Society, and training in advising preparing, BSc (Hons) Counselling and Mentoring.

Graduate School

The Graduate School provides help for all of its postgraduate students doing research work and insights studies.

Institute of Arts and the Digital Industries{" "}

The School of Arts and Digital Industries conveys programs that spread style, artistic work and media, film structure, computerized correspondences and expressions, amusements, theatre, music, and move, exploratory composition, social studies, legacy studies, publicizing and news coverage.


The University of East London provides both postgraduate degree programs as well as under graduation Assignments. Moreover, broadened degree programs are accessible for a large number of single respect programs. In these projects, understudies add a primer establishment year to the typical three-year degree program. The University also provides a scope of various postgraduate Assignments and programs which includes proficient research degrees and doctorates.


Concentrate on international projects

The University of East London has student trade programs with various colleges internationally, which includes money related help for the individuals who partake through the Erasmus program.

Apart from this, the university also has an exclusive MBA Assignment in Malaysia by means of a coordinated effort with the renowned institution, Women’s Institute of Management Malaysia.

Student’s Association

The Student’s Association of the University of East London is a university spread delegate body for all of its students studying in the university. It helps in decision making, conducting various activities for the students in the university throughout their tenure. It exists in university basic leadership and works as the voice of the students. It is directly linked with the National Union of Students and works closely with that body. It also speaks to students across the country. Decisions are held each year to choose another official council.