Understanding the External and Internal Environment Sample Assignment

Understanding the External and Internal Environment In Relation To Modern Tourism and Hospitality Manager


The external and internal environment plays a huge role in the tourism industry as well as in hospitality. The internal environment for example, in a hotel, needs to be suitable in order to attract more customers (McGrath 2014). Quality service in my hotel will ensure customers are most likely to come back. Social influence also plays a critical role in the industry because a person will likely visit a restaurant a friend recommends (Nieves and Segarra-Ciprés 2015). Managers must excel in a challenging environment by adapting to it and by following the Open System model (Quinn et al 2015). The external environment in which a hotel or restaurant is situated also plays a huge role. And at most times, it determines the success of the hotel or restaurant. The external environment is important to the success of a hotel or restaurant. It also affects the Total Quality Management and hotel performance (Wang, Cheng and Chen 2015). It applies to the safety of the customers and relationship with the environment. The unsafe environment is prone to robberies and attacks thus driving customers away.{" "}


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