Types of characters in everyday use paragraph

Unit 1.1.5 Types of Characters in “Everyday Use” paragraph

The character of Dee (Wangero)is both round and static. In addition, being staticand roundmeans that the character didn’tchange at all through the storybut, we knew a lotabout the character through the short story.Accordingly, Maggie thinks that her sister “has held life always in the palm of one hands, that ‘no’is a word the world never learned to say to her.”As you see throughout the short story, Dee displays the same characteristics of being greedy and getting what she wants until the very end, hence remaining a the same (being a static character).On the other hand, Dee was a round character throughout the story. When speaking about her, her sister Maggie said that Dee would “always look anyone in the eye. Hesitation was no part of her nature.”From the beginning, we learned a lotabout Dee from other characters like Mama and Maggie. Her physical appearance was mentioned a lotthroughout the story, they compared her to Maggiea lot.In conclusion, throughtout the story many quotes were used to characterize Dee as a round and static character.