Tourism And Marketing Sample Assignment


The concept of tourism marketing seeks to focus on a systematic and coordinated effort that is exerted by the national tourist organizations and other tourism enterprises. Focus is laid on all the important levels of international, national and local forms thereby optimizing the tourist optimization so as to maintain a sustained tourism growth. The report further focuses on evaluating the tourism and marketing functions carried out within the Ferrari world. Further, an analysis is carried out based on the services that are extended towards the marketing mix of the company with the sole focus on their delivery processes. This further has laid focus on the dimensions, activities and practices that lie within the company and the industry in particular thereby ending it with possible recommendations to widen the customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tourism and marketing in relation to Ferrari world

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is an amusement theme park that holds the record of the largest space frame structure ever built. They also constitute of the world’s fastest roller coaster called the formula Rossa. They offer a wide variety of amusement items including the factory tourists and the increase opportunity to drive their ranges of Ferraris (Tontini et al. 2017). Their iconic structure further constitutes of numerous high adrenaline rises that feature the world’s fastest rollercoaster.

Abu Dhabi being one of the fasted growing countries to have experienced an international tourism destination, has also been able to widen their tourism and culture based on the TCA. They have majorly contributed towards the development of projects thereby ensuring that the Emirates are able to become a world className and sustainable destination. With the large and diverse portfolio shared by the tourism projects within the country, it is quite evident that their cultural experiences have greatly been able to highlight on the rich heritage that lies within. This has in turn been greatly able to attract huge set of customers thereby establishing a reputation for their prime locations to carry out with the several projects (Ahmad and Saber, 2015). This has further been followed by a through emphasis laid on the development of an architectural design and exquisite finishing that is followed by delivering of a premium quality of services to the customers. this has further increased the incorporation and attraction of the theme parks that lie within and the Ferrari world has become one of the major and most suitable examples of it.

With the opening of the Ferrari world, there has been expected a growing attraction of the tourist thereby allowing 20,000 visitors per day based on their space permit,. This has raised the importance of increasing the space within so as to improve their customer experiences thereby helping them to deal with all types of financial crisis. Based on estimation, it was noted that the park roughly attracts around 40% of the domestic visitors thereby gaining importance on their weekend trip market. This is followed by the reaming 60% of the visitors coming form the gulf, men and other international countries. This has helped them to cater to the guests at all times thereby developing travel brochures so as to meet all their requirements and provide them with the best possible services. Ferrari World being one of the largest indoor theme parks seeks to offer their customers with above 230 rises and other tourist attractions and live shows so as to keep the visitors engaged. This further allows them to enjoy the rises and other attractions that are offered to the, within the park by providing a minimum admission ticket throughout the day.

Analysis of the services extended towards marketing mix in the service delivery process

The marketing mix acts as an effective foundation model that is utilized as an effective marketing tool for allowing the firm to pursue their marketing objectives and other relative targets. Tourism marketing has greatly diversified its importance and approach towards delivering a series of services to their potential customers. This follows marketing of their tourism products under the responsibility of the sales and marketing persons that help to deliver a positive facet using the seven major components:


Price: Pricing within tourism is considered to be one of the most complex processes that is determined based on the services they offer including Air travel, Bus rides, railways, Hotel services, accommodation and such. They offer their guests with the sole chance of purchasing merchandise from the various retail outlets throughout their park which further helps them to mitigate their financial losses and deliver a better service. This has further helped them to raise their profit margins rapidly that further helps them to develop the in bouts of the park. Being a part of the travel and tourism business they are able to respond to the highly complex pricing circumstances thereby adopting certain marketing strategies that specifically concern themselves with the positioning of the products. This further helps them to obtain long run retrain on investments thereby improving their marketing operations in such a manner so as to cope up with the current demand and competition rates (Ferrari et al. 2018).

Place: The Company has adopted certain distribution strategies that specially help them to select the tourism marketing areas and place their park in the right place. This has allowed them to focus on the major tourist spot of attraction thereby emphasizing on other additional benefits including the infrastructural facilities, transportation, communication and such (Ferrari and Gilli, 2016). This has helped them to carry out with major decisions thereby emphasizing on the distribution channels that have helped them to focus on a predominant position of the intermediaries. This further seeks to widen the facilitation of their purchasing of services thereby helping them to meet their overall objectives. Ferrari World has further been able to host about 20 plus Ferrari themed rides and attractions thereby emphasizing on increasing the key attractions. With restrictions of about 20,000 visitors per day due to the limited space they offer, several attempts have been attempting to adopt certain expansion strategies thereby widening their reach and areas of focus.

Promotion: {" "} This follows emphasis on development of awareness, which has a far-reaching impact upon the company’s growth. It is solely the responsibility of the marketing department of the company to inform and persuade a sense of potential tourist information. This has allowed them to lay focus on the major components of promotion thereby raising their number of habitual users. This further follows emphasis on the promotion and maximization of the duration of stay followed by the increased frequency of visits all of which help them to widen their customer base and help them to focus on the various tourism dimensions. They have further laid emphasis on incorporating the advertising, publicity and sales promotion thereby boosting and strengthening the public relations (Ray, 2015.). This has helped them to widen their image and reputation thereby emphasizing on launching newer concepts that would further attract newer set of customers thereby improving their communication and interaction with the potential tourists. They have further adapted to an Italian dining experience followed by emphasis on the several retail outlets outside with the park, which has helped them to widen their reach and promotion.

People: The Company has carried out a thorough focus on the local people and the methods to treat them. This is further followed by carrying out with an effective communication with the personnel thereby meeting the tourist requirements duly. from reports, it is further evident that 38% of the visitors that come to the park are below 24 years. 39% lie between 25-44 years old and their main target market lies over the Arab region and Indian sub continent with focus on the younger population. A rough estimate states that 40% of the visitors within the park lie from the domestic market while the reaming 60% are from the gulf, Mena and internationally. From the space that is available within the park, it is further evident that they are able to offer their services and allow permit to about 20,000 visitors as per the general manger of the Ferrari World.{" "}

Process: the operation process within the tourism firm solely is dependent on the since that it offer to their customers. This follows emphasis on the provisions of travel that has helped them to widen the attraction and interest level of their potentials to suit followed by emphasis on the preparation of itineraries. This further has laid focus on the liaison with the providers of services thereby developing a suitable planning and costing of the tours. This is followed by emphasis on the ticketing process and provisions that lie within the foreign currency and issuance.

Physical evidence: The tourist attraction that Ferrari world offers is developed in such a manner so as to widen their tangibility and help add comfort and a suitable design for their park. This further is followed by incorporation of various signposts that indicate directions and route maps followed by emphasis on the rules and regulations based on the tourist spot. They have further develop certain printed brochures so as to develop the entire fun factor within their park tourism thereby emphasizing on the important elements and programmes that would help them to carry out with important decisions (Seraphim and Haq, 2018). This has greatly helped them to establish a high standard within Abu Dhabi thereby meeting the tourist expectations based on the quality value o money along with the product image it offers.

Dimensions, activities and practices

Ferrari World of Abu Dhabi being one of the largest space frame structure within Abu Dhabi has also been able to widen their business thereby launching several outlets sponsored especially by Ferrari itself. Being the world’s largest indoor theme park they are able to host about 20,000 visitors due to the space permit that they are limited to. This further has helped them to widen their daily customers thereby helping them to meet their increasing sales targets.

According to the Associate Professor in economics and International Business at Middlesex University of Dubai, Dr Cedwyn Fernandez, Ferrari World has a greater chance to enjoy a solid visitor number within the upcoming years. Their operations are carried out based on the virtue of a global brand command that has helped them to obtain a worldwide recognition. This further has helped them greatly to attract a huge set of visitors thereby widening their operations. This has helped them to emphasize on a year round higher occupancy and growth of new hotel entrants thereby widening their capacity facilities.

The increasing visitor number within the company has been estimated to reach at its peak of about 3.6 million a year thereby following an additional 500,000 room demands (Smith{" "} et al. 2016). Ferrari World has been experiencing a whopping number of 925,000 sq ft thereby becoming the world’s largest theme park. This has helped them to widen their amusement park concept to a completely new level thereby allowing them to focus on the construction of a large space frame structure.


The study infers by stating the concept of a tourism and marketing concept thereby choosing Ferrari World for the facilities they offer to the people of Abu Dhabi along with other international tourist. Further, an evaluation is carried out based on their sustained tourism growth and the functions they carry out within thereby holding their position. This is further followed by emphasis on the marketing mix strategies and evaluation of the major components. This is further followed by emphasis on the dimensions, activities and practices that lie within the company thereby seeking to widen the customer loyalty.


Ferrari World needs to use several social media platforms to widen their customer services thereby keeping it at their topmost priority. This would be followed by providing them with additional benefits and rewards so as to widen their interest and attraction. The company further needs to lay focus on the improvement of their CSAT thereby conducting focus groups and customer hotline to get a suitable feedback. This would help gem to understand the competitors and develop a transparency and sense of community within.


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