The Crisis Essay questions 1-7

The Crisis questions 1-7

  1. The opening sentence of this essay is one of the most famous in American literature. Explain the point that Paine is making here. Which word choices help make the sentence memorable?

By opening with this impactful line, Paine is attempting to induce and encourage revolutionary desires in the colonies.

  1. Find examples of loaded language in lines 1–15. To which emotions do these words appeal?
  1. What is Paine calculating will be the result of the ethical appeal he uses in lines 37–47? Explain.
  1. A writer’s tone is his or her attitude toward a subject. What is Paine’s tone in lines 56–71? What persuasive and rhetorical techniques help convey this tone?
  1. What analogy does Paine make in lines 75–86? What conclusion does he want readers to draw from this analogy?
  1. According to Paine in lines 101–120, what would happen if colonists acceded to Howe’s demand to relinquish their arms? What does he want to persuade readers about in this passage?
  1. Reread lines 121 - 138. What is Paine’s purpose in including these details about the war? Is this an effective way to conclude his essay? Explain.