Teaching new nurse about obtaining telephone prescription

Teaching new nurse about obtaining telephone prescription from a provider

Repeat prescription to provider for verification

Four clients on Med Surge unit... assess first?

Post op total knee and cap refill of 3 seconds

Notification of Fire on the unit... first action?


Med Surge nurse is caring for terminally ill patient. Action that demonstrates ethical care

Collaborate with client to establish realistic goals

Case manager is planning a teaching on use of critical pathways critical pathways prevent unnecessary expense

Nurse manager completing a performance improvement audit and determines documentation of client discharge teaching is below benchmark... action to implement first?

Determine the factors that interfere with the documentation of client education

Older adult client who has renal failure decides to stop hemodialysis.. action?

Support client's decision

Plan of care for a total hip arthroplasty. Action to take?

Inform AP of client's weight bearing status

Home health nurse is planning daily visits and receives lab results.. See first?

Platelets 100,00

Education about patient protection and the affordable care act and patient rights

My insurance coverage no longer has lifetime coverage limits

New nurse caring for a patient with pulmonary tuberculosis.

N95 respirator mask when in the client's room

Public health nurse is developing recommendations for her supervisor on how to implement evidence based practice to improve community outcomes


Appropriate tasks that a nurse can delegate to an assistive personnel

Record a client's meal intake

Terminally ill client receiving nutritional support. Adult children disagree and dilemma is referred to ethics committee assisting in weighing the options involved

Older adult client with dementia and has become aggressive. Client has been prescribed wrist restraints

Apply padded portion of the restraint around the client's wrist

Developing a plan of care for a school aged whose family is homeless, what is the priority?

Child has inflamed fissures at the corners of her mouth

Nurse is caring for a client who has a mutation of the BRCA2 gene, client states she doesn't plan to tell her adult daughters. What response displays client advocacy

Let's review what you understand about this test result

Nurse is reviewing a client's medication administration record and finds that client has not received prescribed dose of Warfarin for past 2 days.

Check client's INR

Charge nurse evaluating novice.. client on continuous NG tube feeds.. what should be part of plan of care?

Use 60 mL syringe to flush

Interprofessional conference for client who is 3 days post op.. Priority?

Client refuses to attend PT sessions

Small spark when plugging in an infusion pump.

Tag pump as broken

Client recovering from a Stroke

Discuss patient concerns

Charge notices new nurse does not finish client care tasks

Set aside time to plan at start of shift

Two nurses feel the other is not doing fair share

Explore alternative solutions

Charge Nurse is conducting an in service with staff about infection control.. droplet precautions


Client with back pain presents to the ED and is provided oxycodone. Staff nurse feels client is seeking drugs and not in distress.

Clients are experts on their own pain

Charge nurse observing a new nurse perform an abdominal assessment.

Place the client in dorsal recumbent position for the exam

Show the client where the power button is

Ensure call light is within reach

Admitting clients following an earth quake

Sucking Chest wound

Nurse caring for a client who has a right lower leg DVT and a prescription for application of an aquathermia pad to the right lower leg

Report if the pad is too warm

Admitting a client to a cardiac intensive care unit. When does discharge planning begin?

At the time of admission

Discharge care for an older adult client who has rheumatoid arthritis. Difficulty buttoning her clothing

Occupational therapy

Client is comatose with living will that declines use of artificial enteral feedings but family requests feedings are started

Review clients requests with family

Group of clients.. Which is priority?

2 days post op and 20 mL/hr of urine

Change of shift report, which patient should the nurse assess first

Abdominal surgery 6 hr ago and a HR of 120/min for the last 2 hours

Nurse is serving on a committee that is considering the creation of a policy that will allow nurses to insert PICC in the ICU. Consult in planning for this policy?

State Nurse Practice Act

Massive community disaster and stable clients must be discharged to prepare for new casualties.

Client with Multiple sclerosis

Charge nurse is planning assignments, which should be assigned to the LPN?

Provide enteral feeding to a client who has Crohn's disease

Information on health care law to a group of newly licensed nurses.

The Patient Self Determination act

Assessing a client who is post op and has a PCA. Client is restless, has an elevated pulse, and decreased BP.

Modified Trendelenburg

New nurse learning about incidence reports

I should complete an incident report for an unexpected client occurrence

Nurse manager is conducting an annual performance review. Best strategies

Include peer evaluations

Self appraisal

Performance checklist

Charge nurse observes that nurse's behavior has changed over the past few weeks. Which is an indication that the nurse is working while impaired?

Isolates herself

Caring for a client who has a sealed radiation therapy implant. Precaution to take?

When wearing the lead apron, avoid turning her back to the client

Client in the ED reports weakness, vomiting, diarrhea for past 3 days.

Serum potassium level

Which instruction from a nurse reflects effective communication regarding delegation of a task to an assistive personnel

Check the urinary output at 1100 for John Doe and report it to me immediately

Staff nurse detects alcohol on the breath of another nurse, unsteady gait and occasionally slurred speech.

Notify charge nurse

Nurse manager is reviewing stages of conflict resolution with nursing staff

Latent conflict

Perceived conflict

Felt conflict

Manifest Conflict

Conflict aftermath

Assistive Personnel tells the charge nurse that it is unfair she has to take care of all the clients who are incontinent

I delegate tasks to personnel based on their job description

Newly licensed nurse about using electronic medical records.

My access to client records may be tracked by nurse manager

Obtaining a clients informed consent, what is nurse's role?

Confirm voluntary signature

Client with a terminal illness voices concern about how she will care for herself following discharge case manager will coordinate

Discharge teaching to a patinet who is scheduled to receive oxygen at home

Verify flow rate on equipment daily

Nurse talking to daughter of Alzheimer's patient... daughter is crying

Respite Care options

Administering medication to a client with Crohn's disease. Client is too tired.

Inform client of consequences

Observing new nurse perform a sterile dressing change.. APPROPRIATE action?

Picks up first glove by grasping folded cuff edge

Nurse manager finds an increase in urinary tract infections. action to take first?

Perform a chart review

Planning care for a client without Advanced Directives.. intervention?

Provide client with information about AD

Nurse overhears 2 nurses discussing a client's care. Intervention to take?

Report to nurse manager

Accommodating new bariatric services

Role Model

Encourage staff