Symptoms of High Blood Pressure


When Pressure increases in Arteries is called High Blood Pressure. Mostly People ignore the signs of High Blood Pressure and don’t take the medicine for the long term basis to stable the HP either than use short term therapy. We must know the range of normal blood pressure starts from 120/80,where 120/140 is the Hypertensive stage and 60/80 is low Blood Pressure. The continuous medication is important to control the High Blood Pressure if it does not kept control it could affect our major organs such as Heart, Kidney ,Brain and eyes.

It is said to be silent killer because high pressure has usually no symptoms. There are many symptoms shows when people come to doctor and defining as headaches ,nose bleeding, dizziness, Body fatigue, if they left or ignore these symptoms which would cause major damage to Brain. If you not experience the above symptoms, it doesn’t mean you are healthy .if you want to stay healthy ,your must check the blood pressure regularly.

What is Blood Pressure

However, when heart pumps blood into the arteries with heavy pressure to circulate the blood to the far reaches of human organs from our head till to our feet. It increases pressure on the walls of arteries and then go to smaller blood vessels such as arterioles and capillaries . The Blood return procures starts from entering in veins leads to our major organ heart which causes gravity and muscle contraction.

What is meaning of Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure.

The measurement of Blood pressure has to be take in to ways one is Systolic pressure and second is Diastolic pressure taken at the upper arm over the brachial artery.

Systolic Blood Pressure or Top BP

When the heart contract (pumps) ,the pressure is being generated against the arterial walls.

Diastolic Blood Pressure or Bottom BP.

When the heart is filling and resting blood then the pressures is being generated on the arterial walls.

How to understand the High Blood Pressure

The American Heart Association (AHA), and the American College of Cardiology studies told us that the normal and high blood pressure ( all values in mm Hg).

Normal Blood Pressure : Systolic less than 120 mmHg and Diastolic less than 80 mmHg.

High Blood Pressure : Systolic less than 120 -129 mm Hg and Diastolic less than 80 mmHg.

Stage 1 -High blood Pressure / Hypertension: Systolic 130 -139 mmHg and Diastolic 80-89 mmHg.

Stage 2 -High blood Pressure / Hypertension : Systolic greater than 139 mmHg and Diastolic greater than 89 mmHg.

According to the studies the higher the pressure ,higher the risk increasing the risk of dying due to heart attack certainly by the systolic hypertension. The patient must maintain the long control of hypertension to reduce the risk of compilations such as stroke or heart attack.

Symptoms and signs of High Blood Pressure – Hypertension

People mostly don’t know about their health ,even when measure this silent killer disease appears suddenly when elevated pressure may cause complications in the shape of heart attack or stork either by brain symptoms or heart symptoms. People don’t seek the medical treatment when it becomes malignant .

Brain Symptoms due to High Blood Pressure-Hypertension

  1. Severe Pain headache.
  2. Dizziness .
  3. Blurred Sight
  4. Vomiting .
  5. Feeling Confusions.

Heart Symptoms due to High Blood Pressure -Hypertension

  1. Severe Chest Pain
  2. Breathlessness
  3. Feeling Weakness
  4. Nausea
  5. Ringing in the ear

Causes of Hypertension

Meanwhile ,various factors have been caused due to high blood pressure ,but the exact cause is undefined. The higher systolic is the strain when heart beats and diastolic or lower blood pressure strain when the relaxed heart is going to refilling with blood. Mostly kidney and adrenal glands are the cause of hypertension. The following factors may boost the one’s risk for hypertension.

  1. Smoking
  2. Obesity or Over weight
  3. Lack of Exercise
  4. Consumption of heavy salt
  5. Alcohol drinking habit.
  6. Tension or stress
  7. Older age.
  8. Genetics Problems
  9. Pain kidney
  10. Chronic Adrenal or Thyroid

Hypertension symptoms in women

However, the hormonal factors in males and females are different . The females are at high risk due to following factors that certainly affects directly to mother and indirectly to unborn baby.

  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause
  • Pills of Birth Control
  • Change of Vision
  • Swelling due to edema
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal Pain

Hypertension Symptoms in children

The hypertension affects not only adults ,women but it is very destructive for children having obesity and diabetes may increase the risk of following diseases

  • a tumor
  • heart problems
  • kidney problems
  • thyroid problems
  • a genetic condition, such as Cushing’s syndrome

What are the Risk Factors of High Blood Pressre.

The risk is involved due to multiple factors in all over the world.

  • Age Factor may cause high blood pressure.
  • Race is also important in human life where they belong from which sector of the world.
  • Socioeconomic may cause due society made a status.
  • Heredity tendency may cause in various families.

What is secondary High Blood Pressure.

Severe High Blood pressure may cause due to kidney disease where High aldosterone level , obstructive sleep ,use of heavy drugs, Pheochromocytoma, Thyroid disease.

What is the treatment of Hypertension

The treatment of any disease is must but in high blood pressure doctors recommends to change your lifestyle.

  • The diet is very important for the hypertension patients ,if he/she could use less salt in daily life.
  • The regular physical exercise is the strong tonic to the hypertension patients.
  • The hypertension patient may not afford obesity ,overweight .
  • The limited amount of alcohol may be used.

What is Medication of High Blood Pressure.

  • Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors.

The ACE cause to narrow the arteries

  • Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)

This type of medicine is also use to narrow the arteries.

  • Diuretics

It is very important , it helps to to control the excessive sodium

  • Beta-blockers.

This type of medicine may help to reduce the heart rate ,the heart work load.

  • Calcium channel blockers.

This drug controls calcium to enter in the muscles cells of heart and arteries.

  • Alpha-blockers.

It reduces the arteries resistance .


How can we Live with High Blood Pressure

No doubt ,the Hypertension is severe silent disease but God has given extra hidden power to humans to control to take simple measures ,keeping blood pressure under control reduces the risks of heart attack, stroke and kidney failure and my improve the quality life .

· Use of regular medicine.

  • Regular Exercise
  • Weekly Checkup
  • Take Proper Nutrition.
  • Controls over the obesity.
  • Controls over the junk food.
  • Consume low salt and sodium
  • Limit in the use of Alcohol.
  • Regularly taste the Fruits