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Sustainable Systems Engineering

The rate at which humans have started to exploit the nature has seen a sudden rise over the past few years and a negative feedback has been provided by the earth by making so many changes in the climate, the air quality, the wildlife and the kind of changes happening all around. It was somewhat a miracle that humans understood timely about what they have been doing to this planet by just exploiting the various resources it has been providing. In order to take corrective measures for the damage already done, engineering branches like Sustainable Systems Engineering have been on the rise where the students are taught to maintain what the earth is providing and also not stop the day to day routine of the business or the production houses. Sustainable Systems Engineering can be said to be related to environmental engineering and works for the same agenda. The reason courses like Sustainable Systems Engineering have been gaining quite a popularity is because the government has started taking the necessary steps and made it mandatory for each and every organisation to take necessary steps to reduce the damage done to the earth by them, as low as possible and this can only be done if the organisation has a team of experiences Sustainable Systems Engineers. In this engineering field, the employee is expected to change the way an organization works so that the new method that has been adopted is way more eco-friendly than the one before.

The various industries in which a Sustainable Systems Engineer will work are provided below in the list:

  1. Energy Department: this is one of the most important sectors when it comes to doing better for nature and this planet. It is a commonly known fact that even with this much advancement in the technology, the humans are only able to extract 40% of the energy from the fuel which means the damage is full but the compensation for the damage is even less than the half of it. The best way a Sustainable Systems Engineer can help in this industry is to find out ways with which more efficiently the energy could be produced because the more efficient the system is, the less wastage will be there for the same amount of fuel. Energy is also a concerned topic here because 80% of the energy produced in the world comes from fossil fuels which are the major reason for the global warming which is resulting in a rise in temperatures of the planet.
  2. Renewable energy: renewable energy sources are those which one is able to replenish without burning or compressing anything. They are considered as the best sources of energy because they are never going to end. Some of the best examples of renewable energy sources are the solar energy and the wind energy which combined amount to about 15 percent for the renewable energy sector. The thing to concern about is that with more than half of the energy being produced from the nonrenewable sources, it is very important that some advancement is also made in the field of renewable energy department because they are the ones with the almost negligible amount of damage done to the earth while producing electricity. The reason why people are reluctant about this form is that the initial investment in this kind of energy sources is way too much as compared to the other which is one of the major reason. With time, people are being able to look at the bigger picture resulting in the change of mindset about the renewable energy sector.
  3. Logistics and transportation: one of the biggest industry in any nation is that of the transportation and the industry that is 99% dependant on the same is the logistics industry. These are the ones in which all the work is done by machines that consume a lot of fuel. The reason why a Sustainable Systems Engineer is important in such a sector is that it is nearly impossible to live without transportation and also they are causing a lot of menaces which requires immediate action.  The field of transportation covers a long list of industries like the petroleum and refining, clean fuels, and many more.
  4. Sustainable manufacturing: when production is being done on a very large scale, there are usually huge machines involved that amount to a lot of energy and this means a lot of fuel is going to be wasted too. The work of the Sustainable Systems Engineer is to make sure that the process of manufacturing is the most efficient one being used so that the amount of fuel that is being used is giving the best it can so that the least damage is being transferred.

Most of the students who think of enrolling in a certain subject like to have a look at the total number of subjects in the course so that they get an overview of what they are going to learn in the specific course. Some of the most common subjects in the Sustainable Systems Engineering course are as follows:

  1. Water purification and advanced water treatment plants: this is one of the most ethically important subject for the course of Sustainable Systems Engineering because water is the main reason of life form present on the earth and hence it is very important to recycle the water already wasted due to any reason be it the toxic waste from factories or the leakage of an oil tanker transporting oil via the sea route. Water purification uses factors that are chemically as well as physically practical in cleaning and recycling water.
  2. Land development in a sustainable way: since the human population is rising in an exponential way, they require more and more land to sustain a livelihood and hence will be needing more space to live. Land development in a sustainable way means making more land available for the stay of these people along with trying their best not to harm the environment in and around the building which was there before the land was cleared.
  3. Environmental management: when the land is being cleared as seen in the point of Land development in a sustainable way, the environment of the place changes in a drastic way and this is not good when considered the natural way the earthworks. To make sure that the damage done by the same to the environment is negligible, subjects like environmental management are taught which enable to make sure the same happens.
  4. Renewable sources of energy: this can be thought of as the most important subject in the Sustainable Systems Engineering because the key to success is the renewable energy. This is the energy that will never finish and humans as a whole are in an immediate need of more such renewable sources of energy because the present ones only contribute to about 15% of the total energy produced and that is pretty less when compared to the total amount of energy needed. Only a few countries are present where the maximum contribution is from the renewable sources of energy.

Confused about which school/ university to choose for the course in Sustainable Systems Engineering, here is a list of some of the top colleges in the world that provide a top-notch education in the specific area are as follows:

  1. Pennsylvania State University: a university that provides an online course in the bachelor’s degree in sustainable systems engineering.
  2. University of California, Berkeley, also one of the oldest universities to provide a course in sustainable systems engineering.
  3. MIT, USA: it is one of the best colleges when the factors of comparison are innovation and technology.
  4. University of Maryland, MD
  5. Stanford University, Cambridge: nothing beats Stanford when it comes to courses about renewable energy sources because this college has an experience of more than 100 years in providing the same.
  6. Oregon Institute of Technology: this is the one institution that has its focus on applications of theoretical engineering and also has a dedicated research center for renewable energy which makes it one of the best colleges across the globe for the course of sustainable systems engineering.

If you still have any doubts regarding the courses related to sustainable systems engineering, feel free to contact us.

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