Starbucks Sample Assignment

Current Starbucks and New ‘Starbucks Select’ Brand Elements

‘Starbucks Select,’ which extends from the ‘Starbucks Coffee’ brand, catches the unsatisfied needs of Korean customers seeking for nice gathering places that offer beer and wines along with tapas plates. The place can also serve as a cozy pub where one can relax with a glass of craft beer, which meets the current trend of ‘Honsool,’ drinking alone in a comfortable atmosphere. At a different point of the day, customers can drop by ‘Starbucks Select’ to drink lightly and grab a cheesy bite that goes well with the beer. No matter what purpose attracts each customer, ‘Starbucks Select’ clearly has different target customers at different times, offering a carefully chosen menu and service to elevate their spare-time experience.

1. Brand Name

‘Starbucks Select’ deviates from the ‘Starbucks Coffee,’ and therefore it retains the high level of brand awareness that captures a wide pool of existing customers. The new name is inherently memorable and draws attention for customers who already have acquaintance with the coffee brand ‘Starbucks.’ Because ‘Starbucks Coffee’ reminds them of a likable image, the positive engagement also applies to the extended brand ‘Starbucks Select.’ ‘Starbucks’ has built strong customer loyalty, and its customers tend to accept variations suggested by ‘Starbucks’ due to familiarity and comfort with the brand. The credibility of the brand lowers psychological barriers that the customers may encounter in experiencing new concept of ‘café-like’ pubs.

However, the brand name ‘Starbucks Select’ suggests that it clearly has differentiated strategy against the coffee brand. It offers a broadened version of menu which the original customers of Starbucks have never imagined to enjoy there, expanding coffee and sandwich to beer and mac ‘n’ cheese. So ‘Starbucks Select’ offers the chance to eat and drink what they exactly want to have, and still feel themselves at Starbucks. It scales down the range of its target customers from the general public of all ages to the selected premium adults. As the verb ‘select’ suggests, it enables the premium customers who both like Starbucks and need a nice gathering spot to choose from a menu with diverse options. Moreover, it satisfies the specific need of those who are willing to drink alone and lightly, relaxing in a comfortable atmosphere.

2. Logos and Symbols

Starbucks img1 Starbucks img2

‘Starbucks Select’ goes with the typical Starbucks logo, which has a siren image in the center colored with Starbucks green color. Since ‘Starbucks Select’ aims to attract the existing customers that have emotional attachment with Starbucks, it emphasizes its brand equity by maintaining the logo and the representative green color. At the same time, since it selects target customers to be individuals who seek for premium value, the new logo adds the glittering gold rim to the original one. Likewise, the word ‘select’ is designed in the same manner to highlight premium differentials.

3. Slogans

Starbucks img3

The slogan for ‘Starbucks Select’ is “Deserve to Unwind,” which conveys the core message of the brand. It encourages the customers to stay relaxed and try a new menu of beer, wine and small plates of artisanal bites to accompany the drinks. It demonstrates a distinct brand mantra with ‘Starbucks Coffee,’ which arises from different features between coffee and beer. Caffeinated beverages wake you up and bring tension, but alcoholic beverages make you feel at ease and loosened off. So, based on the key feature of the core product, our slogan aims to maximize the premium value offered by ‘Starbucks Select.’