What event inspired Francis Scott Key to write the star-spangled banner? Assignment Help

star-spangled banner Assignment help

Introduction to the Unit

Francis Scott was is known as the 35-year-old American lawyer who had effectively boarded the flagship of British fleer on the Chesapeake Bay with having a great hope for persuading the British to release a friend who had been getting arrested. The soldiers of the United States of America at Baltimore’s Fort of McHenry have effectively raised a huge American Flag to celebrate the crucial victory over the British forces during the war which takes place in 1812, and this is mainly the sight of the broad stripes and the bright stars which effectively inspired the Francis Scott to write a song which becomes the national song of the United States.

About Star-Spangled Banner

What event inspired Francis Scott Key to write the star-spangled banner? Assignment Help By Online Tutoring and Guide Sessions at AssignmentHelp.Net

The Star-Spangled Banner is a symbol of American history that generally get ranks with the Statue of Liberty and the Charters for freedom, and it has been getting entrusted to the National Museum for honor in American history. Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem of the United States, and this is a poem which was written by Francis Scott after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the ships of Britisher of the Royal Navy in the Baltimore Harbor during the Battle of Baltimore. The Star-Spangled Banner is well known for the patriotic song of the United States of America, and this poem has four stanzas. The Star-Spangled Banner was effectively-recognized for official use by the United States as Navy in 1889, and this was effectively made as to the national anthem by the congressional resolution on March 3 which was signed by the president of the US named Herbert Hoover. On September 14, the soldiers in the United States have effectively get raised a huge American flag to celebrate the crucial, and effective victory over the forces of the British during the war of 1812. The sight of all broader stripes and the brighter stars effectively get inspired Francis Scott Key to write a song which effectively become the national song of the United States, and all its keywords give great significance to the national symbol, and it effectively started as a tradition through which the generations of the Americans have got invested the flag as though their meanings, and memories.

The lyrics of Star- Spangled Banner effectively comes from the Defence of Fort M Henry which was a poem that was written on September 14, by a thirty-five-year-old lawyer, and was one of the amateurs whose name was Francis Scott as effectively after witnessing the bombardment of For Mc Henry by the British ships in the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor as during the Battle of Baltimore at when the war takes place in 1812. The key was mainly get inspired by the sight of the US Flag which is effectively reflected in the famous words of the “Star-Spangled Banner”, and the red glare of rockets, and when the bombs bursting in the air.

The national anthem and the flag of the United States inspired the major legacies of the war of 1812, as the British forces effectively gathered with each other to attack Baltimore in September 1814, as Francis Scott witnessed the entire bombardment, and seeing a huge 30*42m foot American Flag over the garrison which moved to have four stanzas of lyrics which was the popular tune for that song. Both the flag as well as the national anthem of the United States are known as the “Star-Spangled Banner”. The Star-Spangled Banner is a symbol of the history of American which generally ranks for the statue of liberty, and the best charters of freedom. The goal of the Star- Sprangled Banner was to effectively get extend the best usable lifetime for the better conservator of the project, and its main intent was never to make the look for the flag as when the first flew over the McHenry Fort. While the conservators effectively work for, more than 12 million people peered into the glass conservation lab of the museum.

The Star- Sprangled Banner effectively resonates with the people in several ways, and for various reasons, as the curator for the Star- Sprangled Banner is mainly for the best preservation project, and this is so much excitement about effectively realizing that the user is looking for the same flag which the Francis Scott is more secured for being more than the artist, and it is also a national symbol, and it effectively get evokes for the authentic, and the best powerful emotions and relevant ideas regarding the better means to effectively being an American.

After the Battle of Baltimore

Being as Armistead in the major command over Fort McHenry for the rest of life, the Historians were not sure about the best Armistead family who generally comes into the best possession of the flag as this was mainly based on the death of Armistead in 1818 while Louisa died in 1861, she effectively passed the flag down to their daughter named Georgiana Armistead as over the legal objection of the son, and Georgiana was the only child who was born at the fort, and she was named by her father.

While Georgiana was in the best care of Preble, Georgiana effectively allowed the user to give the best pieces of the flag, and Georgiana had given away the cuttings for a flag to the other descendants of Armistead.

Francis Scott Key, and the Star- Sprangled Banner

Key, being a lawyer wrote the lyrics for the song after watching the attack of British Fort McHenry, and the words of Key’s were firstly published in the broadside in 1814 as under the title named “ Defense of Fort Mc Henry”, and after this, it was printed in the Baltimore area newspapers with having an effective indication that the words were effective to be sung with the tune to the Anacreon is a Heaven, and its title was then changed to the Star-Spangled Banner at while it appeared in the music sheet in the similar year. The songs of Key’s were especially, and effectively-becoming so much popular, and powerful expression for the best patriotism during the time of civil war, with all its emotional description of the national flag which had effectively become the symbol for the still-new nation, and in 1861, this has effectively devastated as through the split of the nation, and one of the poets named Oliver Wendell Holmes effectively wrote