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Square Root, Cubic Root, N-th Root Assignment Help

Introduction to Square Root, Cubic Root and nth Root:

Square root of a given number is another, non-negative, number that, when squared, equal to the given number. It is written as √x, x=(√x)2. A root of degree 2 is called a square root. Roots of higher degree are referred by using ordinal numbers, as in fourth root, twentieth root, etc.

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Cubic root: The cube root of a real number x, written as x√3. A root of degree 3, is called cubic root. For example, 3√27=3. The cube root notation is actually an alternative to exponentiation. That is, x√3=x1/2.

Properties of the cube root:

  • The cube root operation is distributive for multiplication and division, but not for addition and subtraction.
  • The cube root is a special case of the general nth root.
  • The cube root is a continuous mapping from RR.
  • The cube root function from RR defined as f(x)=x3 is an odd function.

Nth root: A root of n-th degree of a given number is another number that, when taken to n-th degree, is equal to a given number: x=(n√x)n

The nth root of a number x is a number r which, when raised to the power of n, equals x


where n is the degree of the root.

For example:

2 is a square root of 4, since 22 = 4.

2 is also a square root of 4, since (2)2 = 4.

Identities and properties:

Square Root, Cubic Root, N-th Root Assignment Help

Every positive real number has a positive nth root and the rules for operations with such surds are straightforward:

nab = na nb,

na/b = na/nb.

Using the exponent form as in x1/n normally makes it easier to cancel out powers and roots.

nam = (am)1/n = am/n.

Problems can occur when taking the nth roots of negative or complex numbers. For instance:

-1 * -1 = -1


-1*-1 = 1

when taking the principal value of the roots. See failure of power and logarithm identities in the exponentiation article for more details.

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