Springs Review Sheet

Complete this review sheet without the use of your Assignment notes, to determine how much you actually recall and understand.

Understand the relationship between the following terms, as if you were a particle moving toward its release in a spring.

Recharge basin

The area where water, in the form of precipitation can enter the aquifer

Groundwater flow

In which direction that the springs move

Sink hole

Collapse of limestone base that occurs when acid dissolved the calcium carbonate of the rock


The movement of water downward into the aquifer

Spring flow

Areas where the water trapped inside the Floridian aquifer comes to the surface

What is the rock that predominates in our aquifers and spring basins?

Limestone rock

What is a springs magnitude and how is it measured?

A spring’s magnitude is the volume of the water discharged. It is rated on how much water flows from them on an daily basis

What is a Springshed?

A springshed is the areas that surround a particular spring provide water to the spring by entering the aquifer and flowing towards the spring opening.

Basic ecological concepts and terms

Be able to define each of the groups/terms below and provide examples:

 Autotroph/ producer is the organisms that capable to produce their own food by capturing the sunlight or doing the photosynthesis
Example: green plants, algae, grasses

Heterotroph/ consumer is the organisms that cannot make their own food so they must get their energy from others.
Example: Carnivores, Herbivores, Omnivores, Insectivores, Decomposers

Herbivore is the animal that only eats the plants. Example: rabbit, cow, elephant, horse

Carnivore is the animal that only eats meat. Example: Lion, Tiger, Shark

Omnivore is the animal that eats both plants and meat. Example: Mouse, goose, duck

Decomposer is the microorganism which will evaluate them. Example: Bacteria, E. Coli, worm

Be able to use the terms in a food web format, so the groups represented by these terms can be viewed as interacting with each other, even if it is one eating the other.

Human Impacts

What are positive impact of humans?

People can make the park or the public land which allows the organisms around to get a living place. The park can also be the recreation place which can educate people who go there

What are some of the negative impacts of humans? 

Some negative impacts are as too many people go there as their recreation place; some of them are destroying the surrounding by not responsible with their rubbish or trashes. The run off of the nutrients is also causing the damage of the springs because the springs or the ground water may absorb the pollutant from the surface.