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Pick one of the sociological theories we have discussed and take that position.

Post a response to the "Crazy Culture of Kid's Sports" that illustrates your sociological point of view. According to your theory, how are kids sports related to larger ideologies of American culture? What kinds of social action (or changes) would you suggest, based on your chosen theory?

The theory I pick is the “conflict theory”, based on lecture 3.2, its meaning is that the sport is for rich people to earn more money and increase their influence (Lecture 3.2). Based on this theory, inequality appears in the sport, because wealthier people are using sports as a tool for themselves to get self-esteem and even more money.

In the reading, Judy Young, the director of the National Association for Sport and Physical Education mentioned that playing in a small neighborhood team is not attractive for most people (Ferguson,1999). Sport is used to be physical activities that helps people relax and have fun, but now people seems become “crazy” about sports, they enforce their children to do sports and takes up all their after-school time to practice sports. Their hope is more than helping children to relax, they want their children to earn money by winning sports competition, they use sports as a bonus point on their children’s school applications and they use their children’s achievement to make their family has more influence on the society. However, for poor people, they usually don’t have as much opportunities as the rich for their children to learn sports. Based on the conflict theory, I would suggest the government to open free sports learning programs for all people no matter they are poor or rich, to eliminate the inequality between poor and rich. 

Ferguson, Andrew. "Crazy Culture of Kid's Sports." July 12, 1999